New safer speed limit on Melba Highway in Yering

05 March 2021

We’re introducing a safer 80km/h speed limit on Melba Highway, Yering on Wednesday 10 March.

Following community feedback and a review of the current speed limit, the following changes will be made:

  • The existing 100km/h speed limit on Melba Highway will be reduced to a permanent 80km/h speed limit between Healesville–Yarra Glen Road and MacIntyre Road, a distance of approximately 2.8km.

By making sure the speed limit is right for the road, we can help prevent crashes from happening, with the aim of saving lives.

Reducing the speed limit from 100m/h to 80km/h only adds a minimal amount of travel time – approximately 25 seconds along this stretch of Melba Highway.

We all have a responsibility to travel at the appropriate speed for the environment and situation, and within the speed limit. Please maintain awareness of speed limit signs when travelling through the area.

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