Point Nepean Road speed limit change, Rye to Blairgowrie

10 December 2021

We’re improving safety for all road users along Point Nepean Road between Rye and Blairgowrie, with a safer 60km/h speed limit.

From Monday 13 December, a new 60km/h speed limit will be in place on Point Nepean Road between Elgan Avenue, Rye and Hughes Road, Blairgowrie.

Map below: Location of the new 60km/h speed limit

Point Nepean Road Speed Change Map

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When to expect us

Our crews will be on-site on Monday 13 December between 9am and 3pm. They will be installing 60km/h speed limit signs and yellow ‘New limit’ signs to increase driver awareness of the new speed limit.  

What you can expect

  • The crew will be working progressively along Point Nepean Road to change signs; one site at a time.
  • Flashing hazard lights will be used on vehicles at the worksite, to ensure the safety of crews.


In the 5 years leading up to December 2019, there have been 14 crashes along this road; 1 which tragically resulted in a fatality and 3 of which resulted in serious injuries. 

The new 60km/h speed limit will help improve safety for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, and for local residents entering and exiting their properties. It will also help ensure that there are consistent speed limits along Point Nepean Road.

Other works in the area

Speed change through the Rye township

A new 40km/h speed limit will be introduced on Point Nepean Road between Weeroona Street and Dundas Street to improve safety for all road users through the Rye township. 

Works to install new electronic speed limit signs are underway and expected to be completed by mid-January. You can find more information by visiting the Safety upgrades at school zones and shopping precincts in Melbourne webpage  

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