Rolling out controlled right turns in Victoria

01 March 2021

We’re upgrading traffic signals at 20 high-risk intersections across Melbourne to improve safety and traffic flow on our roads.

How controlled right turns work

Controlled right turns involve modifying traffic signals to provide road users with safer travel through intersections. At traffic lights with controlled right turn signals, vehicles can only turn right when there is a green turning arrow.

When traffic light signals include this feature, it reduces crashes between right turning and oncoming vehicles, and also gives pedestrians designated times to cross the road safely.

Why we’re doing this

The Victorian Government, in partnership with TAC, is investing $1.4 billion into road safety infrastructure to reduce road trauma and save lives.

About a third of deaths on Victorian roads result from crashes at intersections, making up 41% of serious injuries on the Victorian road network.

The risk of casualties and serious injuries due to right turns is greatly increased, because drivers rely on behavioural instincts to select gaps in opposing traffic.

Having a dedicated right turning signal reduces the risk of crashes between turning vehicles and oncoming traffic, cyclists, or pedestrians crossing the road.

The implementation of a controlled right turn will reduce the likelihood these types of crashes.

We anticipate these improvements will prevent approximately 129 serious crashes at intersections over the next 15 years.

What we’re doing

We’ve already improved 19 intersections across metropolitan Melbourne, with one remaining and scheduled to be completed in 2021.

To see the intersections we’re upgrading in your area visit our Safer Roads interactive map.

Intersection safety improvement works

Upcoming intersection safety improvement works in metropolitan Melbourne:

  • King Street and Latrobe Street, Melbourne

Recently completed intersection safety improvement works:

Contact us

If you have any queries or feedback about the controlled right turn program or want to get in touch about works in your area you can either:

Call: 13 11 70
Email:   [email protected]

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