Safety upgrades at school zones and shopping precincts in Melbourne

13 April 2021

Twenty-one school zones and shopping precincts in metropolitan Melbourne have been selected for pedestrian safety upgrades under the $19.5 million Pedestrian and Safer Schools Initiative.

Installation of electronic speed limit signs ahead of speed limit zones will improve driver compliance and make roads safer for shoppers, pedestrians and school children traveling to and from school.

The Victorian and Australian Governments are delivering infrastructure upgrades to improve safety near schools, shopping strips and busy intersections across metropolitan Melbourne to reduce road trauma and save lives.

The Pedestrian and Safer Schools program is part of a $97.2 million infrastructure package to support local jobs and provide an immediate boost to the economy, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Project Locations

New electronic speed limit signs are scheduled to be installed between January to September 2021 at these 40km/h school zones and shopping precincts in metropolitan Melbourne: 

  • Ascot Vale Road in Ascot Vale near Ascot Vale Primary School
  • Pascoe Vale Road in Strathmore near Strathmore Secondary College
  • Old Calder Highway in Keilor near Keilor Primary School
  • West Street in Glenroy near Westbreen Primary School
  • Normanby Avenue in Thornbury between St Georges Road and Clapham Street
  • Waterdale Road in Ivanhoe near Ivanhoe Primary School
  • Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road in Panton Hill near Panton Hill Primary School
  • St Andrews Primary School: Heidelberg-Kinglake Road (Caledonia Street), St Andrews 
  • Ballarto Road in Cardinia near Cardinia Primary School
  • Croydon Road in Croydon near Croydon Primary School
  • Glen Eira Road in Caulfield near Shelford Girls Grammar
  • Bay Road in Sandringham near Sacred Heart Parish School and Sandringham shopping strip
  • Hotham Street in Balaclava near Yeshivah College
  • Camberwell Road and Toorak Road in Camberwell near Hartwell Primary School and Camberwell shopping strip
  • Grimshaw Street in Greensborough near St Marys Catholic Primary School and Greensborough Primary School
  • Point Nepean Road near Rye township 
  • Nepean Highway in Frankston near Frankston Strip Shopping Centre

New electronic speed limit signs are scheduled to be installed between January to September 2021 at these 60km/h school zones and shopping precincts in metropolitan Melbourne:

  • Nepean Highway in Parkdale near Parkdale Primary School
  • Five Ways Road in Clyde near Clyde Primary School

If you’re traveling through these work areas, please drive safely, allow for extra travel time, and look out for signs and changed traffic conditions.

During the construction period, you may notice electronic speed limit signs installed in a school zone or shopping precinct that are not operating. Temporary static speed limit signs will be in place until power is connected onsite.

How electronic speed limit signs work

Flashing electronic speed limit signs remind drivers to adhere to the speed limit as they approach high pedestrian-activity areas, such as school zones or shopping precincts.

When electronic speed limit signs are installed ahead of a speed limit zone, they flash to remind drivers to be extra vigilant and obey the speed limit, making the road safer for pedestrians, including children and families during busy peak hours.

These improvements will make roads safer for pedestrians in busy precincts and by improving pedestrian safety in school zones, we’re helping children get to and from school safely.

An electronic speed limit sign   

What we’re doing

We’re improving pedestrian safety at a number of school zones and shopping precincts across Melbourne with the installation of electronic speed limit signs.

Where possible, new electronic speed limit signs will be powered by sustainable solar technology and existing sign infrastructure will be repurposed.

To see how we’re improving safety at school zones in your area visit our Safer Roads interactive map.

Why we’re doing this

Communities in metropolitan Melbourne have raised their concerns about drivers speeding through existing speed limit zones. Static speed limit signs are already in place at these locations, however crashes still occurred within the speed limit zones and some resulted in serious injury.

Pedestrians are completely exposed to the full force of a crash, making them some of the most vulnerable road users.

In 2015, an average of 11% of deaths and serious injuries were from crashes involving pedestrians, that’s why we’re investing in road safety infrastructure to slow traffic and reduce the risk to pedestrians, particularly school children.

We’ll take a proactive approach to reduce the risk of crashes and make speed limit zones safer for shoppers as well as school children attending schools nearby.

Contact us

If you have any queries or feedback about this program or want to get in touch about works in your area you can either:

Call: 13 11 70
Email: [email protected]

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