Warburton - Woods Point Road, Temporary speed limit change

26 July 2021

We’re implementing a temporary 60km/h speed limit change on Warburton - Woods Point Road between Lyrebird Avenue, East Warburton and Nello Drive, Reefton - effective from Thursday 5 August.  

A significant increase in heavy vehicles using Warburton - Woods Point Road and prolonged wet weather conditions have taken a toll on the road and accelerated the deterioration of the asphalt pavement.

While plans for further safety improvements to address these road pavement defects are being developed, the temporary 60km/h speed limit will help reduce the risk of road trauma and ensure the safety of drivers who use this road every day. 

Warburton - Woods Point Road Speed Change Map 

View a larger version of the temporary speed limit map

Our specialist road pavement engineers will be continuing investigations of the road pavement on Warburton-Woods Point Road, following the completion of the Upper Yarra Reservoir Dam Upgrade in late 2021. The nature of the roadworks and time frame required to return the road back to its original speed limit will be finalised at that stage. 

Drivers are advised to comply with the temporary changed traffic conditions for the safety of everyone on our roads. Please plan ahead and allow an additional five minutes to your journey

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