Frankston Flinders Road, Somerville temporary speed limit change

11 February 2022

We have introduced a temporary 60km/h speed limit on Frankston Flinders Road in Somerville, as we plan for asphalt repairs.

A safer 60km/h speed limit is currently in place on Frankston-Flinders Road, Somerville between Hawkins Road and 865 Frankston-Flinders Road. The length of this stretch of road is approximately 200m.

The temporary 60km/h speed limit will help ensure the safety of drivers who use this road every day and reduce the risk of road trauma. 

Drivers are advised to comply with the temporary changed traffic conditions for the safety of everyone on our roads. 

Planned asphalt repair works

Asphalt repair works are expected in late February on Frankston Flinders Road. 

These major dig-out repairs will help keep the road safe and reliable for the hundreds of drivers who use it every day.

Once the repairs have been completed, an assessment by our pavement specialist crew will follow to ensure conditions are safe before reinstating the 80km/h speed limit.

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