Melbourne Road Bridge, Newport maintenance works

10 January 2022

The Victorian Government is completing bridge maintenance works on the underside of Melbourne Road Bridge, between the Hall Street underpass and the Newport Substation in Newport.

What we're doing

As part of our commitment to maintain roads and structures in the west, we are undertaking vital bridge maintenance works on Melbourne Road Bridge in Newport. These works will be delivered by Netflow and will involve removal of old paint, bridge repair and repainting to help prolong the life of the bridge.

The works will be undertaken in a 5-step process:


Close public access to the street or footpath and install scaffolding.


Seal worksite with heavy duty plastic containment sheeting to enclose the work area for safe removal and collection of old paint.


Remove any lead-based paint through dry spot blasting with specialised machinery. This will avoid damage to the metal work.

The area will be cleaned frequently by licensed personnel, and particle waste will be removed from the enclosed work area by vacuum extraction into designated hazardous waste bin storage.


Paint the girders using modern, approved paints.


Once removal works are completed the air and soil quality will be tested to ensure compliance with the VicRoads Repair Treatment Codes in line with legislative requirements.

We have strict protocols in place to protect the safety of the local community and our construction workforce, including enhanced industrial cleaning arrangements and provision of personnel to collect and safely dispose any hazardous waste.

When to expect us

Crews will be on site from Monday 17 January until mid-May.

We will be working during the day from 7am to 5pm. However, the underpass will remain closed for 24 hours a day.

Please note that the dates and times are subject to change due to weather conditions.

Work stages

The works will be undertaken in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Hall Street Underpass

Hall Street underpass will be closed between Melbourne Road roundabout and Newport Station from Monday 17 January to Friday 25 February 2022.

A signed detour will be in place.

Aerial map showing road closure and detour along Melbourne Road Bridge

Click here to view a larger map

Stage 2 – Pedestrian footpath alongside Newport Substation

The footpath alongside the Newport Substation will be closed between Market Street carpark and the Newport Railway Station from Monday 21 February until mid-May.

Pedestrians will be detoured via Market Street to access the railway station.

Aerial map showing road closure and detour along Melbourne Road Bridge

Click here to view a larger map

How will these works impact you?

During working hours, you may notice:

  • A road closure of Hall Street underpass between the roundabout at Melbourne Road and 90m South of Tait Street between Melbourne Road and Hall Street with a signed detour in place via North Road
  • High noise levels – we’ll work towards minimising noise as much as possible.
  • Safety lights within the work area.
  • No access to Hall Street from Melbourne Road northbound under the Melbourne Road Bridge.
  • Periods where there may be restricted access to residential properties and business along Hall Street. We will contact affected property owners and work to maintain access.
  • There will be no disruptions to Public Transport services.
  • Please observe footpath closure and alternative route signage in place along Hall and Market Streets.
  • A 5-minute delay when moving through the area. Please plan ahead and allow extra travel time.
  • A road closure with traffic management in place to direct traffic and assist pedestrians and residents.
  • Reduced speeds during works to ensure the safety of crews, motorists, and pedestrians.

Access to local residences and businesses will be maintained, however please be aware that short delays may occur.

Works are subject to weather conditions, and the dates may change to accommodate adverse weather.

Traffic management crews will be on site to help you move through the area while we complete these important works.

Please keep an eye out for changed traffic conditions and temporary limits when moving through the area.

Thank you for your patience while we complete these important works.



What work will occur on the bridge?

The project will include removal of corrosion, rust and the existing protective coating on the underside of the bridge, which contains lead. We will then repair the steelwork in preparation for re-painting with modern safe paint.

How will you ensure the health and safety of the community when removing the lead paint?

The health and safety of the community is paramount. As part of these refurbishment works, we will be progressively covering sections of the bridge with containment sheeting. This will create an enclosed space for workers to refurbish the bridge and remove lead-based paint.

Is air monitoring being undertaken?

Yes, we will be monitoring the air quality during the removal of lead paint. Air samplers will be located at appropriate places around the work site and monitoring will be undertaken for the duration of all lead paint removal works.

What is happening to the lead paint which has been removed?

Contaminated waste materials will be contained within a designated exclusion zone where works are taking place until it is removed from site and disposed of by a licensed waste removal provider. Particle waste generated by abrasive blasting of lead-based paints will be removed from the enclosed work area by vacuum extraction into designated hazardous waste bin storage. All other waste from working with lead-based paint will be double bagged, sealed, vacuumed, and transported to a secured hazardous waste bin storage area. The hazardous waste will be removed by a licensed hazardous waste removalist.

Find out more

For more information on works in the Western Suburbs under the Western Roads Upgrade project, visit

To find out more about these bridge works and the other types of maintenance we do to keep you moving throughout the year, visit our Metro Melbourne Maintenance page.

Get in touch

To get in touch with a member of the Maintenance team at VicRoads, email: [email protected]   


Health and Safety Measures
To ensure the safety of all workers and the community, all construction and maintenance work undertaken will operate under a COVIDSafe plan.

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