Safer speed limit on Nepean Highway, Carrum to Frankston

16 May 2022

We’ve improved safety for all road users along Nepean Highway between Carrum and Frankston, with a safer 60km/h speed limit.

From 23 May 2022, a new 60km/h speed limit is in place on Nepean Highway between McLeod Road, Carrum and Ogrady Avenue, Frankston.

Project update

A new safer speed limit has been introduced on Nepean Highway to make this route safer for all road users.

We all have a responsibility when driving to travel at the appropriate speed for the environment and situation, and within the indicated speed limit. Please maintain awareness of speed limit signs when travelling through the area.

Nepean Highway speed reduction map

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Why we’re changing the limit

To achieve the best safety outcomes, speed limits should be appropriate to the road design and the road’s primary use. That’s why we’re introducing a safer speed limit on Nepean Highway.

In the 5 years leading up to January 2020, there have been 64 crashes along this road, one of which tragically resulted in a fatality and 30 of which resulted in serious injuries. 

A reduction in speed by 10km/h has minimal impacts on travel times and can reduce the chance of fatal serious injuries by over 35%. The new 60km/h speed limit will help improve safety for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, and for local residents entering and exiting their properties. It will also provide consistent speed limits along Nepean Highway.

When to expect us

Our crews will be on-site on 23 May 2022 between 9am and 3pm. They will be installing 60km/h speed limit signs and yellow ‘New limit’ signs to increase driver awareness of the new speed limit.  

What you can expect

  • The crew will be working progressively along Nepean Highway to change the speed limit signs; one site at a time.
  • Flashing hazard lights will be used on vehicles at the worksite, to ensure the safety of crews.

Other works in the area

Speed change through Frankston Central Business District: 

A new 40km/h speed limit will be introduced on Nepean Highway, through the busy Frankston Central Business District, to improve safety for all road users. You can find more information by visiting the project webpage.

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