Superload from Glen Waverley to Bordertown, South Australia

06 July 2022

A large superload carrying an electrical transformer will be travelling from Glen Waverley to Bordertown, South Australia from Wednesday 13 July to Sunday 17 July. . It will then travel through South Australia to the Torrens Island Power Station in Adelaide.   

The superload is approximately 90 metres long almost the size of two Olympic swimming pools and weighs around 390 tonnes.

While opportunities will be provided to pass, road users should expect delays as the superload often moves at a slow speed and travels on the wrong side of the road at times.

Motorists travelling in both directions of the Western Freeway between Dicksons Road, Pentland Hills and Old Melbourne Road, Ballan will share the outbound lanes between 1am and 4am Friday, as the superload travels on the wrong side of the freeway.

The load will be travelling in stages, across four days to reduce the impact on the road network and alleviate congestion for drivers.

Commencing its journey at approximately 9.30pm Wednesday 13 July, it will travel through the night across metropolitan Melbourne to Yarraville and from Yarraville to Ballarat on the night of Thursday 14 July.

The superload will be parked at Ballarat until approximately 6.30am on Saturday 16 July when it will resume its journey along the Western Highway from Ballarat to Horsham. For the final leg of the journey on Sunday 17 July, the superload will travel along the Western Highway to Bordertown, South Australia arriving around 3pm.

The planned route for the superloads is subject to change as per the map below.

We will have traffic management officers and load escorts travelling with the superloads for the entire journey, making sure your roads are safe during and after the move. They’ll be helping to manoeuvre the vehicle safely around corners, temporarily removing signage and lights, placing steel supports over existing drainage and then putting everything back in place once the superloads have passed through.

If you need to travel during the time the superload is on the road, plan ahead or seek an alternate route to avoid delays. This is a complex operation and for your safety please keep a clear distance during transit and when the superload is parked. There are no designated viewing opportunities available.

Check real time travel advice at VicTraffic or via the VicTraffic mobile app.

Superload route map

View a larger version of the Superload route map

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