Djerriwarrh Creek Bridge, Old Western Highway, maintenance works

25 September 2023

We delivered important maintenance works to the Djerriwarrh Creek Bridge on the Old Western Highway between Melton and Bacchus Marsh.


This $1.2 million project was delivered as part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to maintaining safe road structures across our state.

This maintenance work was essential for heavy vehicles to continue using the Old Western Highway. The work was also essential because the Old Western Highway is a key detour route when the Western Freeway is closed, or if emergency evacuations are required.

Image of a road with safety barriers and orange bollards on a yellow base 

What we did

We delivered the work in two stages: 

  • Stage one involved repair work underneath and around the bridge. This work had no impact on traffic or the community.
  • Stage two involved asphalting the bridge’s road surface to restore its condition, along with updating line marking and installing new signage. 

The bridge is now permanently reduced to one lane in each direction, indicated by signs, line marking and bollards.

Thank you for your patience while we completed these important bridge maintenance works.

Contact us

For more information about this project, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected] with the subject line ‘Djerriwarrh Creek Bridge, Old Western Highway’. 

To find out more about these resurfacing works and the other types of maintenance we do to keep you moving throughout the year visit our Metro Melbourne Maintenance page.

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