Discovery of asbestos material near the Federation Trail between Millers Rd and Princes Hwy

17 April 2024

The Federation Trail walking and cycling path will remain open as the Department of Transport and Planning works to remove asbestos contamination in an adjacent vegetated area between Millers Road and Princes Highway, Brooklyn.

As part of wider investigations into contaminated mulch in the area, a review of works completed by Hobson’s Bay City Council adjacent to the Federation Trail was undertaken.

The presence of asbestos-containing material was confirmed in the vegetated area alongside the trail.

Hobson’s Bay City Council completed works in the area in 2023. The land is owned by the Department of Transport and Planning.

The contamination is believed to have been caused by the historic illegal dumping of building materials. The asbestos found has been confirmed to be bound in cement or non-friable material and presents a low risk to the community in its current state.

The safety of path users and residents is our top priority. The affected area is fenced off and will be remediated as quickly as possible in line with Environment Protection Authority Victoria’s guidelines.

This page will be updated once works to remove the asbestos are complete.

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