Superloads on the move from the Port of Melbourne to Watsonia in the first half of 2024

08 January 2024

Starting from mid-March until late April 2024, 16 superloads will be travelling from the Port of Melbourne to Watsonia

These loads can be over 300 tonnes and over 60 metres long which means they must travel very slowly, at speeds between 5km/h and 40km/h. Some are over 9 metres wide and will take up the entire width of the road so cannot be overtaken.

Most superload deliveries will be travelling from the Port of Melbourne to Watsonia in a single night. Some superload deliveries will be travelling in stages across 2 nights, with a stop in Derrimut on the first night, to reduce the impact on the road network and alleviate congestion for road users. Each of these deliveries will travel between the hours of 10pm and 6am. 

 2-night deliveries

Port of Melbourne to Derrimut

Derrimut to Watsonia





1-night deliveries

Port of Melbourne to Watsonia










Schedule subject to change

Roads that will be impacted include Footscray Road, Moreland Street, Whitehall Street, Francis Street, Geelong Road, McDonald Road, Somerville Road, Fairbairn Road, Boundary Road, M80 Ring Road and Greensborough Highway.

Image of map of Superload route from Port of Melbourne to Watsonia

There will be rolling lane closures along the planned route as the superloads travel through and, at times, will need to move to the wrong side of the road. This means road users in both directions will be impacted. Lanes will progressively reopen after the superloads have passed.

We will have traffic management in place and load escorts travelling with the superloads for the entire journey, making sure your roads are safe during and after the move.

They’ll be helping to manoeuvre the vehicle safely around corners, temporarily removing signage and lights, placing steel supports over existing drainage and then putting everything back in place once the superloads have passed through. 

This is a complex operation due to the size and weight of the superloads so there are no designated viewing opportunities. Safety is our number one priority so please keep clear during transit and when the superloads are parked.

Plan your journey in advance, check real time travel advice at the VicTraffic website and allow plenty of time to get to your destination. 

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