Very large transport operation on the move – please avoid the area

30 April 2024

A very large power transformer will be transported from the Wilson Transformer Company at 10:30pm Saturday 4 May 2024 and arrive at a park up location in Wodonga early morning on Wednesday 8 May 2024.

The transformer will be transported on an oversized vehicle approximately 125 metres long and almost 6 metres wide.

This is a complex operation and for everyone’s safety, stay well clear when the load is in transit and when parked. If you need to travel during the time the transport is on the road, plan ahead or seek an alternate route to avoid delays.

The journey 

Image showing a map where the very large vehicle will travel between Melbourne and Wodonga

View a larger size of the map [PDF 490Kb]

The transport operation will be escorted by a large contingent of escort vehicles and co-pilots travelling in front of and at the rear of the vehicle making sure your roads are safe during and after the move. 

It will be travelling in stages across three nights from Saturday 4 May to Wednesday 8 May to reduce the impact on the road network.

Night one

Travel starts 10:30pm on 4th May 2024 from the Wilson Transformer Company, Glen Waverly to park up location in Beveridge.

Night two

Travel starts 9pm on 5th May 2024 from park up location in Beveridge to a park up location in Wangaratta.

Night three

Travel starts 11pm on 6th May 2024 from park up location in Wangaratta to park up location in Wodonga early morning 7th May. 

Night four

Travel starts at 10pm on 8th May 2024 from park up location in Wodonga and the superload will continue its journey through NSW to its final destination at the former Munmorah coal-fired power station in NSW.

The transport operation will travel at speeds of up to 40 km/hr.  There will be times when travelling over bridges or around corners where they will need to slow to around five km/hr.  

The transport operation will travel on the wrong side of the road at the off and on ramp on the Hume Highway, Chiltern at the Beechworth-Chiltern Road and on Main Road in Lower Plenty.  

There will be a road closure of the Hume Highway from Melrose Drive to Murray Walley Highway to accommodate the vehicle travelling on the wrong side of the road. Southbound traffic will be stopped to let the load pass with expected delays of 5-10 minutes.  

Road safety while the load is in transit

The transport operation will be travelling at significantly reduced speeds. Please plan your journey in advance and allow extra time. There will be opportunities to pass the under supervision in some locations. 

If you see the pilot or escort vehicle with an Oversize Load Ahead sign and yellow flashing lights, slow down and move as far to the left as you can and prepare to stop if instructed.

If you are approaching the transport operation from behind, slow down and be patient as you will be given opportunities to overtake when it is safe.

Only overtake when signalled to do so. Do not overtake the pilot or escort vehicle behind the load and get stuck in between. This makes it hard for everyone to do their job safely and you’re putting yourself and others at risk.

For more information on safety around an oversized vehicle, please visit the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website and select oversize loads.

Safety when the oversized vehicle and power transformer is parked

For your own safety and other road users please do not stop to view the load when it is parked. Stopping on a freeway is illegal and very dangerous for you, passengers in your vehicle and other road users. Penalties may be enforced by Victoria Police and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

There will be no viewing opportunities provided. This is for everyone’s safety, including any children accompanying you. 

Plan ahead 

This is a huge operation with a large crew of specialists involved in the transport, their safety and your safety are the priority, please plan your journey in advance and avoid the area if possible. Check real time travel advice at the VicTraffic website and allow plenty of time to get to your destination.

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