Optus recovery response

The Victorian Government is fast-tracking protections for driver licence holders in response to the Optus data breach.

Data obtained from the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs has confirmed that 942,000 Victorian licence holders had their licence details compromised as a result of the Optus data breach.

The Optus data breach is significant and Victorian licence holders have been impacted more than any other state. 

As a first step in response, the Victorian Government has flagged the records of more than 462,000 Victorians impacted who came forward to register their details with VicRoads, with approximately 342,000 of these confirmed as impacted directly from the Optus data.  This has placed an additional layer of protection for their licence details on the Victorian driver licence database.

The Government has commenced issuing redesigned licences to these individuals for free. These licences will feature a card number prominently displayed on the back of the licence, allowing for two-step verification. This is the first step in providing an added layer of protection for licence holders.

By the end of the year, these customers will use both their licence number and card number to prove their identity for services like opening bank accounts, loan applications, phone contracts and real estate transactions.

Using the additional card number to verify will be much like using a credit card for online transactions.

VicRoads is contacting an additional 600,000 Victorians who were confirmed to be impacted by the Optus breach in data provided by the Department of Home Affairs. These individuals will also have their licence details flagged and new licences issued for free.

We are moving quickly to also put in place two step verification for this group of 600,000 Victorians. These individuals will be issued with a label containing their second licence card number as an interim measure. This will be similar to the usual change of address label and can be attached to the back of a licence card. A new licence card will also be issued to these customers for free by early 2023.

The new licence card number will become a feature of all new and replacement Victorian driver licences issued from November 2022. The Victorian Government will work to progressively implement this additional protection for all 5 million Victorian licence holders once the rollout for those impacted in the Optus data breach is completed.

The Victorian Government will continue to seek reimbursement of costs from Optus for the replacement of more than 1 million licences of Victorians impacted by the largest data breach in Australian history.

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