Community consultation

VicRoads consults with the community on a range of projects and policies. 

This page will keep you up-to-date with:
  • public consultations that are underway so that you can contribute your views 
  • the outcomes of recent consultations.

Community consultations underway

Hoddle Street-Punt Road 

VicRoads is investigating short to medium term traffic management options to improve the way the Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor operates.

Whether you cross Hoddle Street-Punt Road on public transport, travel north-south for your daily commute, or you are a nearby resident, we want to hear your feedback on the way this vital Melbourne travel route is operating for you.

Hoddle Street-Punt Road Consultation (External link)

Traffic Noise Reduction Policy Review - Stage 2 Consultation 

VicRoads is conducting a review of its Traffic Noise Reduction Policy in response to the increasing traffic on our roads over the last ten years. The review seeks to balance economic, environmental and social needs within the existing infrastructure as well addressing potential issues in future transport.

In March and April 2015, we asked for community input on this issue. This informed a discussion paper that is the basis of the second stage of community consultation. 

The discussion paper presents some broad principles for seeking further community input regarding the management of traffic noise across Victoria’s freeways and major roads. 

We invite you to provide your feedback, comments or ideas in this second stage of consultation here. (External link)

Open Data hub

In line with the Victorian government's DataVic Access Policy (External link), and in conjunction with (External link), we're committed to providing Victorians with open data that's free, easy to find, use and share.

VicRoads invites developers, data scientists and spatial specialists to visit our hub, complete a short survey and explore the information available.

Open data hub survey (External link)

Roadside Memorial Policy Review 

Our online consultation for the Roadside Memorial Policy Discussion Paper has now closed. Thank you for taking the time to read the discussion paper and contribute by completing the survey or sharing your views on the forum on this personal and emotive issue.

Your valuable feedback will be used to inform the development of a revised Roadside Memorial Policy which is anticipated to be finalised later in 2015. 

A summary of what you have shared with us is available here.

Motorcycle Lane Filtering review

Our online consultation relating to the proposed new motorcycle lane filtering laws has closed. 

Thank you to those that have shared their views by joining the conversation in the discussion forum and/or completing the survey. 

Motorcycle Lane Filtering review (External link)

Help Phones on metropolitan freeways review

Our online consultation regarding Help Phones on metropolitan freeways is now closed. VicRoads is reviewing those Help Phones on the sections of metropolitan freeways that have extensive incident detection monitoring. 

Your valuable feedback will be used by VicRoads in a review of their usage and demand.  

A summary of what you have shared with us will be available on the consultation hub shortly. 

Help Phones Review consultation (External link)

Annual Traffic Signal Route Review

A report on what you told us in the community consultation for the Annual Traffic Signal Route Review is now available on the consultation hub. 

This information will now be considered in conjunction with technical data and SmartRoads Principles to complete the signal review by mid 2015. We will notify you of the outcomes shortly.

Annual traffic signal route review consultation

Trucks and the inner west - draft survey results

VicRoads and Maribyrnong City Council have undertaken a Truck Movement Survey with the help of an independent consultant. This is the first time a study has sought to identify and track truck movements in, and through, the inner west – even though numerous studies have been undertaken before.

You can access the full draft report on the Trucks in the inner west consultation page (External link) 

This consultation closed on Thursday 31 July 2014.

Yarrawonga-Mulwala Bridge Planning Study

Our Yarrawonga-Mulwala Bridge Planning Study online consultation (External link) has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. 

Murrumbeena Rd, Murrumbeena level crossing removal

Our online survey regarding Murrumbeena has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, we have had a terrific response.

For updates on this project, visit the Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena level crossing removal page.

Healesville Freeway reservation renewal project

VicRoads has completed a strategic review of the Healesville Freeway Reservation. As a result, VicRoads has determined that the reservation between Springvale Road, Vermont South and Boronia Road, Vermont will not be required for future road purposes.

In consultation with the community and other stakeholders, VicRoads is developing a Structure Plan that will guide the future use of the land within the reservation. The Healesville Freeway Reservation Renewal Project has been established to develop this plan.

For information on upcoming community consultations and the latest news please visit the Healesville Freeway Reservation Renewal Project Consultation Hub (External link)

Changes to the roadworthy certificate process

VicRoads has reviewed the roadworthy assessment process and there was a six week consultation with the public on three proposed options.

The consultation paper outlining these options is available on the Roadworthy Reform Consultation Hub (External link) where you can view comments provided in our discussion forums.

Speed limit review

The Victorian Speed Limit Review aims to make speed limits simpler, more consistent and easier to follow. The Review provides an opportunity for Victorian road users to bring speed related issues to the attention of the policy-makers so that speed limits and their use can be improved. For more information visit the Speed Limit Review page.

Safe Driving Program Fee

VicRoads sought public comment on a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for the fee for setting up and administering a new safe driving program. A person who has been found guilty of certain unsafe driving offences, and had a vehicle impounded or immobilised, will be required to complete an approved safe driving program.

A RIS was prepared proposing a fee of $527 to recover the costs of setting up and administering the Safe Driving Program.

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