EPBC commitments

We aim to comply with all legislative requirements when delivering construction and maintenance contracts, including the requirements of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act).

The Act provides a legal framework to protect and manage nationally and internationally important flora, fauna, ecological communities and heritage sites that are also known as matters of national environmental significance (MNES).

Where conditions apply for the protection or mitigation of impacts to MNES they may include annual reporting of compliance and/or the publishing of relevant documents such as Conservation Management Plans.

This page contains links to VicRoads projects that are required to report annually on their compliance with conditions set by the Commonwealth for protection of MNES.


Figure 1- Palmers Road EES Locality plan [PDF 1.4Mb]

Summary Brochure 

Palmers Road EES Summary Brochure July 2015 [PDF 3Mb]

Environment Effects Statement

Palmers Road Corridor EES Volume 1 [PDF 14.6Mb] 

EES Volume 2

Volume 2 Amendment C157 Brimbank Planning Scheme [PDF 13.6Mb] 
Volume 2 Amendment C143 Melton Planning Scheme [PDF 15.8Mb]
Volume 2 Cross Sections [PDF 926Kb] 
Volume 2 Key Map for design drawings [PDF 959Kb]
Volume 2 design drawings sheet 2 to 20 [PDF 9.1Mb]
Volume 2 design drawings sheet 21 to 45 [PDF 12.4Mb]
Volume 2 Longitudinals [PDF 1.1Mb]

Technical Appendix

A - Palmers Road Corridor Preliminary Assessment of Alternatives and Draft Study Program [PDF 3Mb]
B -Palmers Rd Corridor Traffic Modelling [PDF 7Mb]
C - Palmers Road Corridor Access Management [PDF 4Mb]
D - Palmers Road Corridor EES Traffic Noise Assessment [PDF 12Mb]
E - Palmers Road Corridor Air Quality Assessments [PDF 2.6Mb]
F - Palmers Road Corridor EES Social Impact Assessment [PDF 3Mb]
G - Palmers Road Corridor Palmers Road Corridor EES Land Use Planning Report [PDF 8.7Mb] 
H - Palmers Road EES Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Volume 1 [PDF 7Mb] 
H - Palmers Road EES Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Volume 2 [PDF 20Mb] 
I - Palmers Road Corridor - Flora and Fauna Assessment and Biodiversity Offset Analysis [PDF 14.5Mb] 
J - Palmers Road Corridor EES Surface Water Desktop Assessment [PDF 888Kb] 
K - Palmers Road Corridor Draft Cultural Heritage Management Plan Public Release Version [PDF 437Kb]  
L - Palmers Road Historic Archaeology and Cultural Heritage [PDF 13Mb]

More details about the EES and PSA processes are available on the following websites:

EES - Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure(External link)
PSA - Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure(External link)


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