Road traffic noise can be a major nuisance, particularly in residential areas. We're working to reduce overall traffic noise levels, and to limit noise impacts from new or upgraded roads.

Noise from traffic

Traffic noise levels are investigated during road planning. We consider the impact on noise-sensitive areas such as residential dwellings, hospitals, motels, schools and libraries.

Noise wall Craigieburn bypassThe VicRoads Traffic Noise Reduction Policy 2005 [PDF 28 Kb] details noise limits for new or upgraded roads. If these limits are exceeded, noise reduction measures may be needed.

Noise reduction measures include:

  • low noise road surface
  • earth mounds
  • noise walls - noise walls are usually made from timber, plastic, concrete or steel. Recycled materials are under consideration for future noise walls.

We've got a program of noise wall retrofitting at sites most affected by high levels of traffic noise.

We're conducting a review of its Traffic Noise Reduction Policy in response to the increasing traffic on our roads over the last ten years. The review seeks to balance economic, environmental and social needs within the existing infrastructure as well addressing potential issues in future transport. 
In March and April 2015, we asked for community input on this issue. A summary of what you shared with us is available here (External link)
This informed a discussion paper that was the basis of the second stage of community consultation. 
The discussion paper presents some broad principles for seeking further community input regarding the management of traffic noise across Victoria’s freeways and major roads.  

Noise from road construction and maintenance activities

Construction noise from the use of plant and construction activities (such as pile driving) can impact on the community. Especially when daytime works are undertaken in close proximity to sensitive receptors or when any works need to be undertaken during the night.

Visit the Environment Protection Agency website for guidelines on reducing noise on major construction sites and during minor repairs, such as road works.

Information about noise reduction

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