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We consult with you on many of our projects and policies to better serve your needs on our roads.

We have a lot of passion, expertise and knowledge of the transport network that helps to inform our decisions, but we can't pretend to know the unique problems faced by our communities.

We look to you to fully understand the transport challenges in your areas, to help us design and implement solutions to make Victoria work better.

We want to encourage wider public discussion on transport and liveability issues with those who are directly affected by a potential project or policy, and with those who have a personal or professional interest.

You can get involved and:

  • Influence any number of live projects
  • Learn about project updates
  • Provide feedback on policies we are developing.

Open for feedback 

Have a say on our Regional Roads Victoria work.

Engage VicRoads - our five year engagement strategy

Engage VicRoads is our five year strategy that outlines how we’ll engage with the community to ensure they’re at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is to engage with Victorians early and often to achieve outcomes that are community-driven and make our cities, towns and regions work better.

We aim to continually improve the way we engage with the community about our state’s future, so we build the right projects at the right place and time.

Read our five year engagement strategy [PDF 776 Kb]

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