Ardeer noise investigation

In late 2018, VicRoads undertook a traffic noise investigation in response to issues raised by residents in Ardeer.

VicRoads has delivered on its commitment to complete additional noise testing, a range of actions and provide publicly available information of the results.

Noise monitoring was undertaken at four locations in the Ardeer area – two at residential properties using sound level meters and two at a roadside location on the M80 Ring Road south of Ballarat Road using sound level meters and video cameras. 

The property noise monitoring was undertaken for just over three weeks in November and December 2018. The roadside noise monitoring and camera survey was undertaken on the M80 Ring Road over three nights in November 2018, between 10pm and 5am. 

Analysis of the noise testing found that in no case did noise levels exceed the trigger (68dB(A) L10 (18hr), for consideration of noise barrier retrofitting under the VicRoads Traffic Noise Reduction Policy.

Read the Noise Monitoring Summary report [PDF 248 Kb]

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 240 Kb]

VicRoads actions to assist in addressing noise concerns included:

  • VicRoads installed ‘Trucks Avoid Using Engine Brakes’ signage on the M80 Ring Road between Ballarat Road and Tilburn Road in November 2018.
  • VicRoads has undertaken a number of random compliance checks for polluting or noisy trucks on the M80 in the Ardeer area.
  • Road resurfacing is proposed as part of the future M80 Upgrade between Princes Freeway and Ballarat Road.  

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