Baxter-Tooradin Road maintenance works

We’ve delivered important road maintenance works on approximately 3.5km of Baxter-Tooradin Road in Cannons Creek / Devon Meadows, between Fisheries Road and South Gippsland Highway.


Project update - April 2024

Image of the maintenance works completed on a section of Baxter-Tooradin Road.

Above: Completed maintenance works on a section of Baxter-Tooradin Road. 

Road rehabilitation works on Baxter-Tooradin Road are now complete.

As part of these works, we removed the road surface and its foundations and replaced them with a stronger base and new surface. We’ve also installed new line marking and updated signage along this section of Baxter-Tooradin Road.

The speed limit on Baxter-Tooradin Road between Fisheries Road and South Gippsland Highway has been reinstated to 100km/h.

We appreciate your patience while we completed these important maintenance works.

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Email: [email protected] with the subject line ‘Baxter-Tooradin Road maintenance’

Call:   13 11 70

To find out more about these resurfacing works and other types of maintenance we do to keep you moving throughout the year visit our Road Maintenance page.

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