Bayswater Road and Eastfield Road intersection upgrade

We’re improving safety and traffic flow at the Bayswater Road and Eastfield Road intersection 

July update

Motorists in Melbourne’s east will enjoy a safer journey with improvement works at the busy intersection of Bayswater Road and Eastfield Road in Croydon now underway.

Works include upgrading the traffic signals to include a new fully controlled right turn during off peak periods and extending both right turn lanes on Bayswater Road.

The project will also extend the left turn lane into Eastfield Road towards Dorset Road.

An informal service road on the eastern side of Bayswater Road will be used to extend the left turn lane. Both sides of the intersection will also be resurfaced to give motorists a smoother, safer journey.

The installation of a dedicated right-turn arrow will improve safety for motorists as vehicles will only turn right when there is a green turning arrow, greatly reducing the risk of crashes between right turning and oncoming traffic.

When traffic light signals include this feature, it also gives pedestrians and cyclists designated times to cross the road safely.

The informal pedestrian crossing south of the intersection on Bayswater Road will be closed, encouraging pedestrians to safely cross at the intersection. 

Works will take place between 7am and 6pm, on Monday to Saturday from 1 August until October.

The speed limit on both Bayswater Road and Eastfield Road will be reduced to 40km/h during the works and some lane closures will occur to keep crews and all road users safe. 

Some delays may occur on Route 664 Chirnside Park – Knox City bus services during the works – passengers are encouraged to plan ahead using the PTV app or website.

Project background 

About a third of deaths on Victorian roads result from crashes at intersections, making up 41% of serious injuries on the Victorian road network.

This intersection is one of 20 high risk intersections across Melbourne undergoing improvement works as part of a $1.4 billion investment in the Towards Zero plan, a plan to lower the road toll and reduce serious injury on our roads.

In the five-year period between 2014 and 2018, 11 crashes causing serious injury were recorded at the intersection of Bayswater Road and Eastfield Road, with several involving right turns. This upgrade will provide right turn arrows, which will control when drivers can turn right – keeping everyone safe.  

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