Beach Road & Beaconsfield Parade truck curfews

We’re reviewing the current curfews along Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade, to determine how they will look and operate in the future.

Project update - March 2017

We recently asked you to complete our online survey, to help us understand your experiences and concerns about the existing truck curfews.

Thank you to those who participated. 

We'll publish the survey results in mid 2017, and let you know how your feedback has helped influence next steps.

Project background

Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade serve as a popular route for all road users, due to the popularity of the nearby foreshore and St Kilda and Port Melbourne areas, including Station Pier.

Truck curfews currently operate from 8pm to 6am Monday to Saturday and from 1pm Saturday to 6am Monday between Bay Street (Port Melbourne) and Nepean Highway (Mordialloc).

We’re currently reviewing the truck curfews and how they could operate in the future. Our aim is to provide a balance between the community and industry needs throughout the area.

About the truck counts

To help us gain a better understanding of how the existing curfews are working, a camera trial was introduced to monitor truck curfews in the area. During this trial, we completed truck counts along the road between Port Melbourne and Black Rock.

The truck counts showed that while truck volumes are significantly lower during the curfew, there are still a number of trucks that need to use Beach Road during non-curfew times to make local deliveries.

What happens next?

We'll keep you up to date as the project progresses, and will let you know of anything which may impact you.

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