Beach Road & Beaconsfield Parade corridor extended truck curfews

After receiving extensive community feedback on the 12 month trial, we’ve made weekend truck restrictions along the Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade corridor permanent and will trial a 24/7 curfew from early 2019. 

Project update – August 2018

From November 2017 to July 2018, we trialled extended weekend truck curfews on Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade from Bay Street, Port Melbourne to Nepean Highway, Mordialloc.

We’ve now made weekend truck curfews permanent, however, locally based operators and deliveries in the area will still be able to make local deliveries and trips.

Truck curfews along the Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade corridor between Bay Street, Port Melbourne and Nepean Highway, Mordialloc, now apply from: 

  • 8pm – 6am, Monday to Friday 
  • 8pm Friday all weekend until 6am Monday

From early-2019, we’ll also be trialling 24/7 truck restrictions along the Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade corridor. 

Project background

The Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade corridor serves as a popular route for all road users. This popularity is due to the nearby foreshore in St Kilda and its accessibility to Port Melbourne areas, including Station Pier.

From 2017, we asked for your feedback via online surveys to better understand truck movements along this corridor and the impact of the extended curfew trial.

You can access the report from the 2017 community survey Beach Road truck curfew survey - community consultation report - August 2017 [PDF 881Kb]

More about truck restrictions 

What community consultation did we run before making the weekend truck restrictions permanent?

A community reference group was established in 2017 to review how the curfews operate during the trial period between November 2017 and August 2018. 

After the weekend trial period finished, we reviewed the traffic data, feedback from our second survey and the community reference group and found there was large support for making the curfew permanent.  

How did we gather data on the trial?

Throughout the trial to help us gain a better understanding of how the existing curfews are working, a camera trial was introduced to monitor truck movements during curfews in the area. During this trial, we completed truck counts along the road between Port Melbourne and Black Rock.

The truck counts showed that while truck volumes are significantly lower during the curfew, there are still some trucks that need to use Beach Road during non-curfew times to make local deliveries. We installed cameras again at selected intersections for two separate truck counts to monitor truck movements during the extended curfew trial. 

You can read more information about the truck counts here[PDF 173Kb] 

Who will monitor compliance with the truck restrictions?

VicRoads and Victoria Police will continue to monitor compliance and enforce regulations during the weekend truck restrictions.

Will I see any trucks during the curfew times?

Yes, you will continue to see trucks completing local deliveries and under other special circumstances during restriction periods.

As an important arterial road linking Port Melbourne to the south-east, the main function of the Beach Road corridor is to provide safe and efficient movement of people and freight, including trucks.

The restriction still allows for trucks to use the corridor, for short distances, if they are making local deliveries during these times. 

This ensures businesses and the community located along this corridor can receive goods and services without impact during the restriction times.

During curfew periods, truck drivers must not drive past a ‘no trucks’ sign unless:

  • the destination of the truck is beyond the sign; and
  • the purpose is to load or unload goods and there is no other route to that destination; or
  • other routes to the destination also have no truck signs.

A truck is a vehicle over 4.5 tonnes gross weight constructed to carry loads. It does not include vehicles such as buses, caravans, cranes or concrete pumps.
For more information on truck curfews, refer to Rule 104 of the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 for the full wording and exemptions.

It’s important to remember trucks play a crucial role in the transport of goods from our ports, around Victoria and interstate, providing thousands of jobs and contributing to Victoria’s economy.

Beach Road will also continue to be an over dimensional (OD) route both during and outside curfew periods. Vehicles that are more than 3.5m wide, 4.6m high or 25m long are called OD vehicles and there are regulations around what roads and routes these vehicles can or can’t take. 

When OD routes are being used there may be lane and road closures to enable the vehicle/s to travel through the areas safely. OD routes are important as they help transport large, bulky and heavy items such as generators, which keep our city running.

What are the alternative routes available for trucks during weeknight and weekend restrictions?

If you are a truck driver travelling from the south-east or east and wanting to get to Webb Dock Drive or Fishermans Bend, view alternative routes here

If you are a truck driver travelling from the south to Station Pier, Webb Dock and Fishermans Bend, view alternative routes here

If you are travelling from the south to Station Pier, Webb Dock and Fishermans Bend, view alternative routes here

If you are wanting to get from Webb Dock Drive or Fishermans Bend to Nepean Highway and the south-eastern suburbs, view alternative routes here
If you wanting to get from Station Pier to the northern, western and south-eastern suburbs, view alternative routes here
If you are wanting to get to Station Pier from the south or south-east, view alternative routes here

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