Bell Street Bridge, Coburg

The Victorian Government, funded by the Safe Travel in Local Streets Program, has completed pedestrian safety treatments on Bell Street bridge in Coburg.

Project Update – August 2023

We would like to thank the community for participating in the Bell Street Bridge community survey, which was open from 24 April to 4 May 2023.  

The survey was created for the community to provide feedback on how they use and experience the bridge since improvements were made in early 2022. 

Download a PDF version of the community feedback summary [PDF 212 KB]

The summary of community feedback can be found here

Post implementation evaluation

Our twelve-month post implementation evaluation found that motorists are travelling at the speed limit across the Bell Street Bridge and were observed to move to the centre of the vehicle lane. 

There have been no recorded injury crashes since the dragon-teeth shaped line markings were installed. 

In the four-year period between January 2018 – March 2022, there were 16 crashes on Bell Street between Nicholson Street and Elizabeth Street. Two of these crashes occurred on the Bell Street Bridge and one of these involved a pedestrian.

This confirms that safety treatments delivered on the bridge, including SLOW DOWN and dragon-teeth shaped line markings have been effective in reducing accidents. 

Immediate treatments

In response to community feedback, we refreshed the line markings on the bridge in July 2023 to ensure they remain effective.

Next steps

In response to community and road user feedback, the Department of Transport and Planning is investigating additional treatments to improve pedestrian safety at this location. A suite of road safety initiatives are being explored, including a safer speed limit by implementing a school speed zone on Bell Street, between Pentridge Boulevard and Elizabeth Street, and the feasibility of creating more storage space at pedestrian crossing points. 

The investigation is thorough and takes into consideration the road environment, the bridge, underground services and a traffic signal review to ensure the additional treatments can be implemented effectively.  

We will continue to keep the community informed as we progress with these investigations.

Project overview

The Department of Transport and Planning, funded by the Safe Travel in Local Streets Program, completed safety treatments on Bell Street Bridge in Coburg in 2022.

We installed new line marking (dragon teeth-shaped and SLOW DOWN line markings) along Bell Street between Nicholson Street and Elizabeth Street. 

The dragons’ teeth line markings are intended to provide visual cues to drivers to encourage reduced speeds and greater attentiveness. The traffic lanes appear narrower, making drivers travel in the centre of their lanes, away from the footpaths.

We also installed new pedestrian warning signs on the approach to the Bell Street Bridge.

Bell Street Bridge safety improvements map

View a larger version of the map

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