Cycling Corridors in Melbourne's East & South East

We’re improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians in Melbourne’s East and South East, as part of Towards Zero.

The Victorian Government is investing $1.4 billion into Towards Zero, a plan to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria’s roads.

More specifically, $100 million has been allocated to making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project update – April-May 2019

Forster Road cycling corridor works

Works are about to start on Forster Road between Scotchmans Creek Trail and Ferntree Gully Road, as part of the Clayton to Syndal bike path section. 

Construction will start on Monday 29 April. Our crews will work from 9.30am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

To improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in this section, we’re:

  • building a new off-road shared path along Forster Road from the Scotchmans Creek Trail to Ferntree Gully Road
  • installing new pedestrian lights on Forster Road, South of French Street
  • upgrading existing traffic lights for pedestrians and cyclists at the Forster Road on-ramp to the Monash Freeway, and at the intersection of Forster Road and Ricketts Road.

During construction hours there will be reduced speeds of 40km/h in place on Forster Road. All properties nearby will have maintained access during these works. If access needs to change at any time, we’ll inform you in advance.

Protecting and preserving green space is a major priority for VicRoads, we individually assess each tree within a project area in the hope of retaining all or as many as we can.

During the design phase of this project, VicRoads and the City of Monash identified some trees that need to be removed to build this section of the shared use path. These trees were assessed by an arborist and identified to be a potential risk to the road, infrastructure and community if kept.

The tree removal will take place between May and June, along the eastern side of Forster Road between Wilga Street and Ferntree Gully Road. A supervisor will be on site to inspect tree hollows and relocate any animals if required. 

Project background

Pedestrians and cyclists are our most vulnerable road users.

When cyclists are involved in a crash with a vehicle, they’re at a high risk of being severely injured or killed due to a lack of physical protection. About one in ten cyclists struck by a vehicle at 30 km/h will die. At speeds above 30 km/h the risk of death rises significantly – at speeds of 50 km/h about eight in ten cyclists will die when struck by a vehicle.

Cycling is growing in popularity, and is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport that reduces traffic congestion and the need for on-road parking space.

By 2050, Melbourne’s transport network will need to cater for 10.4 million more trips a day, with a cycleway able to accommodate 1,960 more people an hour than trams.

If we had a better-connected network and more inclusive cycling culture, four in 10 Victorians say they would be encouraged to cycle, or cycle more often, to destinations close to where they live. 

What is being done to protect cyclists?

To improve road safety for cyclists, we’re building cycling corridors that include:

  • well designed and maintained off-road bike paths and shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists
  • dedicated on-road bike lanes to provide separation between cyclists and drivers on busy routes
  • protected bike lanes that include a separation island to protect cyclists from traffic
  • early-start traffic lights to give cyclists a head start
  • improved line markings
  • bike lanterns at traffic signals to prevent cyclist from having to dismount at pedestrian crossings
  • improved line markings and coloured bike lanes to help make cyclists more visible to drivers
  • alternative routes 
  • new cycling routes in regional Victoria.

Cycling corridors aim to provide safer, lower-stress and more direct journeys into and across Melbourne and Victoria for people who already cycle, and encourage more people to cycle as a viable mode of transport for both recreational and commuter cyclists. 

About the project

We are building three strategic cycling corridors in the South and South East of Victoria including:

  • Melbourne CBD to Scoresby, between Warrigal Road and Waverley Road
  • Box Hill to Ashburton
  • Clayton to Syndal (formerly Chirnside Park to Mordialloc)
    • Section one: Syndal Station to Monash University
    • Section two: Monash University to Clayton Station

All three cycling corridors are expected to be complete by late 2019.

VicRoads intitially conducted investigations with our partner agencies into the construction an off-road shared path through the existing pipe track reserve, connecting Syndal and Nunawading Stations. Unfortunately, due to anticipated pipe repalcement works to be conducted by Melbourne Water, this was found to be unviable.

Box Hill to Ashburton Cycling Corridor

The safety improvements we’re making include:

  • applying line markings and installing a raised crossing at the intersection of Riversdale Road and Gurrnoong Court
  • applying line marking and installing a raised pedestrian crossing near the Riversdale Road and Sycamore Street intersection
  • applying green pavement on the existing footpath at the entrance to Hungry Jacks on Burwood Highway near Elgar Road
  • improving safety at the intersection of Burwood Highway and Elgar Road by installing a pedestrian crossing and pedestrian traffic island
  • installing pedestrian operated signals and bike lanterns on High Street Road near Winbirra Parade. The pedestrian operated signal includes a green walk signal that activates a red right turn arrow to give pedestrians more unchallenged time to cross the road safely. 

Impacts of works

Works have commenced to install pedestrian operation signals and bike lanterns on High Street Road between Winbirra Parade and Barrington Drive in Ashwood between 9.30am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday, with the speed limit temporarily lowered to 40km/h during these times until December.

This safety upgrade is expected to be complete by December 2019.

CBD to Scoresby Cycling Corridor

The safety improvements we’re making include:

  • improving existing off-road shared path with line markings, raised safety platforms and sharrow street markings of a bike with two chevrons above it to indicate that motor vehicles and bicycles are to share the lane
  • improving crossings at high-risk locations including Drummond Street, Park Road, Estelle Street, Stanley Avenue, Holmesglen TAFE entrance and Bogong Avenue with raised safety platforms, sharrows and line markings 
  • installing new pedestrian operated signals and bike signals at Atkinson Street, Forster Road and Waverley Road
  • providing safer pedestrian and cyclist access by improving the existing path with signs and line markings through the Monash Aquatic Centre Car Park. 

Clayton to Syndal (formerly Chirnside Park to Mordialloc Cycling Corridor)

Section one

Syndal Station to Monash University

The safety improvements we’re making include:

  • installing a new off-road shared path and sections of dedicated bike path along Forster Road and Gardiner Road from Monash University to Scotchmans Creek Trail
  • installing new traffic lights and bike lanterns on:
    • Forster Road (South of French Street)
    • Monash Freeway off ramp at Forster Road
    • Waverley Road (near Anthony Drive)
  • improving existing traffic lights to include dedicated pedestrian operated signals and bike signals at several locations. 

Section two

Monash University to Clayton Station

The safety improvements we’re making include:

  • installing on-road bike path facilities including improved crossings and sharrow street markings of a bike with two chevrons above it to indicate that motor vehicles and bicycles are to share the lane on: 
    • Cobain Street
    • Princes Highway service road
    • Lantana Street and
    • Kanooka Grove
  • installing new traffic lights on Princes Highway (near Cobain Street) & Carinish Road (near Kanooka Grove)
  • improving existing traffic lights with new bike lanterns at the Monash University and Wellington Road bus interchange
  • installing off-road shared bike path along Browns Road

 smaller map showing Cycling Corridors for South and Slouth East areas

View a larger version of the cycling corridor safety improvements map [JPG 551Kb]

Community involvement

We held three community information sessions in September 2017 to gain community feedback on these plans. Designs for the three Strategic Cycling Corridors in Melbourne’s East and South East were presented at these sessions.

The majority of feedback we received was supportive of our proposals.

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Project timeline
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
September 2017 Community Consultation Completed
Project announcement May 2018 Completed
Late 2018 Start of works Upcoming
End of 2019 End of works Upcoming

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