Bolton Street upgrade, Eltham

We’re upgrading Bolton Street to improve traffic flow, safety and access to homes, businesses and nearby roads thanks to $10.5 million from the Victorian Government.

Project update – December 2017

We’re making great progress on the Bolton Street upgrade, with both lanes on track to open in early 2018.

What’s happening?

So far we’ve widened part of the road, put in new drains, built new driveways and created more footpath.

We’ve also put in a new kerb and channel along the road as far as Kirwana Grove. This will help direct water off the road, into drains, and act as a barrier to prevent cars from leaving the road.

Traffic changes

The northbound traffic lane along Bolton Street between Walsh Street and Grand Boulevard is closed to fast track construction. Traffic will continue to flow southbound until the upgrade is completed in early 2018.

The temporary northbound lane closure between Grand Boulevard and Bridge Street/Sherbourne Road will end on 22 December. 

Access for locals and businesses will be maintained at all times. We thank you again for your patience during this time.

Please allow extra time and plan your journeys.

Key dates

Works will stop on Friday 22 December for the Christmas break and resume on Wednesday 3 January 2018. For safety reasons, the current northbound closure will remain during this period.  

Northbound closure map

Map of Bolton Street detour map.
 View a larger version of the Northbound closure detour map

About the project

Bolton Street currently carries over 19,000 cars per each day, which is far more than what it was originally designed for.

Bolton Street is a key road providing access to nearby residences, local shopping hubs and activity centres, as well as connections to public transport. Upgrading Bolton Street will provide numerous benefits.

Key benefits include: 

  • a permanent truck ban
  • new 50km/h speed limit 
  • traffic lights near Grand Boulevard
  • a new centre median along Bolton Street
  • left turning lanes into side streets
  • a new shared path and footpath on either side of Bolton Street
  • a left turn out-left turn in, and left and right turn in vehicle access at Bolton Street and Grand Boulevard intersection
  • improved access to Sherbourne Road.
  • an additional left-turn slip lane, with traffic lights, from Bolton Street onto Main Road. 

Artists impressions


artist impression  - Bolton Street  MainRd_ C_small GRAND BOULEVARDartist impression - Bolton Street Thorn_C_small 

Expected impacts 

Works will take place 7am–5pm on weekdays and 7am–3pm on Saturdays. 

We’ll do our best to minimise noise, however reduced lanes and speeds will be in place during these works. 

Limited access for cyclists on Bolton Street will also be in place during works, so we encourage you to avoid the area and take alternate routes.


We recently completed a safety audit and have since installed more traffic barriers for your safety. 

We ask that you take special care, observe the 40km/h speed limits and follow the directions of traffic controllers. Lanes are clearly marked, so make sure to keep an eye out for signs, barriers and workers directing traffic.

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Connect with us

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Key Milestones
What Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
Community Sessions - March 2017

Provide information on the final design and discuss construction and traffic management.

Request for tender - Mid 2017 Advertise tender to construction industry Completed
Award contract - Mid 2017 Award contract to successful tender Completed
Start of works - August 2017  Construction begins  Completed
End of works - Early 2018 Upgraded Bolton Street is open to traffic  Upcoming 

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