Bolton Street upgrade, Eltham

We’re upgrading Bolton Street, on behalf of the Victorian Government, between Main Road and Bridge Street with a $10.5 million project to improve traffic flow, safety and accessibility.

Project update - June 2017

We're currently working on a plan to minimise our impact on traffic and local residents when construction gets underway later this year.

We've spoken with businesses along Bolton Street and surrounding areas to better understand their access requirements, to ensure Bolton Street remains 'open for business' during the works period.

As part of the upgrade, we’ll also soon be introducing a truck ban on Bolton Street, between Sherbourne Road and Main Road. We’ll continue to work closely with businesses and industry to ensure the ban balances the needs of industry and local residents, and will let you know well in advance of when this is due to happen.

Recently, we asked for submissions from companies interested in building the Bolton Street upgrade and we expect to be in a position to award the contract for the project in August.

Project background

Bolton Street currently carries over 19,000 cars per day, far more than what it was designed to. As a key connector route for Eltham providing access to nearby residential estates, shopping and activity centre links to bus and train services.

The current street design needs to be upgraded to improve safety for all road users and to allow more people to use it in the future.

About the project

Key timelines

Details When
Community sessions Provide information on the final design and discuss construction and traffic management
Early 2017
Request for tender Advertise tender to construction industry
Mid 2017
Award contract Award contract to the successful tender
Late 2017
Start of works Construction begins
Late 2017
End of works Upgraded Bolton Street is open to traffic
Mid 2018


Image of the Bolton St design plan

Select this link or the image to view a larger version of the project design

Key features will include:

  • Permanent truck ban
  • 50km/h speed limit
  • Pedestrian operated signals near Grand Boulevard
  • Centre median along Bolton Street
  • Left turning lanes into side streets
  • Left turn out-left turn in, and left and right-in vehicle access at Bolton Street/Grand Boulevard intersection
  • Improved access to Sherbourne Road by extending two lanes further south on Bolton Street at Sherbourne Road/Bridge Street intersection
  • Adding an additional left-turn slip lane, with traffic lights, from Bolton Street onto Main Road 

Artist impressions

Grand Boulevard - at junction with Bolton St looking southwards [JPEG 135 Kb]

Main Road - Bolton St looking southwards across intersection [JPEG 130 Kb]

Community involvement

The community has played an important role in helping to shape this project. In 2015, we held two local forums in Eltham which identified safety as one of the major concerns on Bolton Street.

In 2016, we returned to Eltham and presented two potential options to improve safety, traffic flow and accessibility. We also door-knocked residents and businesses on and around Bolton Street in December 2016 and January 2017.

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What happens next?

Over the coming months, we’ll be on the ground along Bolton Street carrying out important works including environmental and traffic assessments as we prepare to begin construction later this year.

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