Bolton Street upgrade, Eltham

Our team has been very busy working on the final stages of the $10.5 million Bolton Street Upgrade. Once complete, traffic in the area will flow more freely, Eltham will be safer, and you’ll have better access to your home and local shops.

Project update - March 2018 

Bolton Street roadworks

Roadworks during peak times

Bolton Street will be open in both directions for the morning (5:30am-9:30am) and afternoon peak (3:30pm-7:30pm). 

There will be a temporary speed limit of 40km in place during those times.

Roadworks during off peak times 

Between 9:30am-3:30pm and 7:30pm-12am, lane closures will be in place to enable road works to continue. Minor delays are expected during those times. 

Bolton Street will be closed between 12am-5:30am. Locals will have access at all times.  

Why are we closing the road?

We are laying a new road surface on the entire length of Bolton Street. To complete these works safely, we need to close Bolton Street at night.

We’re doing these works at night, during the off-peak period, to help minimise impacts to local residents and businesses.

Will there be any other impacts?

There may be some noise and dust. We’ll work to minimise disruption as much as possible.  

Speed restrictions will also be in place during the works to ensure your safety and the safety of our workers.

If you’re travelling through the area take special care, look out for changed traffic 

Artist impression of the revamped Bolton Street 

Artists ground view impression of a finished Bolton Street

Your new Bolton Street

New shared user path

When we first asked for your feedback, we heard lots of ideas on this new path, like: 

I'm keen for a new wide path so when my friend and I are out pushing our prams we can talk as we walk side-by-side, rather than walking single file." Local resident, Montmorency.

We have listened, and we’re pleased to announce that by late March 2018 you’ll have a 2.5 metre walking and cycling path. This will benefit all local pedestrians - especially parents with prams, students walking to school and people with disabilities. It will also improve connections to local shops and the medical centre.

New public lighting and traffic signals

Brand new public lighting will illuminate the road after dark, so you can feel safer as you drive or walk to your home and local shops along Bolton Street.

Meanwhile, the new pedestrian traffic lights at Grand Boulevard will give you safer access to Eltham Ridge shopping and the medical centre. 

We expect all new lights to be installed by March.

New drainage

We’re now installing drainage on the east side of Bolton Street and have moved the traffic lane so we can complete this work.  

The new road will direct storm water into drains, providing a safer road surface. 

Side streets

We’ve put in new kerbs at many side street entries along Bolton Street. This work will continue while we build raised platforms that connect the footpath where it crosses the street. 

We’ve designed these street entrances in consultation with the local councils to match the existing road width in each individual street.

 Aerial view depicting Bolton Street improvements 

Artists aerial impression of a finished Bolton Street (select image to view full size)

About the project

Bolton Street currently carries over 19,000 cars per each day, far more than what it was originally designed to.

Bolton Street is a key road providing access to nearby residences, local shopping hubs and activity centres, as well as connections to public transport. Upgrading Bolton Street will provide many benefits.

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Key Milestones
What Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
Community Sessions - March 2017

Provide information on the final design and discuss construction and traffic management.

Request for tender - Mid 2017 Advertise tender to construction industry Completed
Award contract - Mid 2017 Award contract to successful tender Completed
Start of works - August 2017  Construction begins  Completed
End of works - Early 2018 Upgraded Bolton Street is open to traffic  Upcoming 

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