Boneo Road - Safer Speed Limit

We’re introducing a safer speed limit of 60km/h on Boneo Road in both directions between Meakins Road and Two Bay Inland Track. 

Project benefits 

The new 60km/h speed limit will help reduce the likelihood and the severity of road crashes and improve the road environment for everyone.

When to expect us

Works will take place between Monday 6 May and Friday 10 May 2024 between 8:30am and 5pm.

The new speed limit of 60km/h will become legally enforceable once signs are installed.

Please note, these dates and times are subject to favourable weather conditions.

What to expect during works

  • Temporary 40km/h speed limits in place to keep crews safe.
  • Traffic management and traffic controllers on site to help you safely move through the area.
  • Access to adjoining driveways and service roads will be maintained.

What we’re doing

To ensure the speed change is clearly visible to drivers, we’ll install 12 new 60km/h speed limit signs along Boneo Road.

Drivers should be aware of the changed road conditions and drive with care in the area.

Project background

In the five-year period ending in June 2023, there were 5 serious crashes along Boneo Road between the Meakins Road and Bunkhouse Break Road; 2 of which resulted in serious injury and one person tragically lost their life.

As part of our investigations to improve safety along this section of Boneo Road, we identified that reducing the speed limit from 80km/h to 60km/h is an immediate and effective change that will improve the road environment.

Safer speeds provide drivers with more time to react in dangerous situations and reduces the distance it takes for their vehicle to come to a stop. Everyone has a role to play in road safety and this includes driving to the conditions, expecting the unexpected, and avoiding distractions.

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