Speed limit change - Boneo Road, Boneo to Flinders

We’re introducing a safer speed limit of 80km/h along Boneo Road from Browns Road to the Flinders Township.

Project background

We’re implementing safer speed limits on some of Victoria’s low volume high speed roads to better suit the road design and environment.

Boneo Road is a popular route that connects the Port Phillip and Westernport Bay areas from Rosebud to Flinders, servicing homes, local businesses and community facilities. The road is often frequented by visitors accessing the various attractions and national parklands along the route. 

From July 2015 to March 2021 there were 23 crashes along this road, with 10 resulting in serious injury and 1 resulting in loss of life. 

Speed plays a part in every crash. It may not be the cause, but the severity of the outcome can be dependent on it. When travelling at 100km/h, your chance of survival in a head on crash is only 10 per cent. When travelling at 80km/h, your chance of surviving this crash is 75 per cent.

By making sure the speed limit is right for the road, we can help prevent crashes from happening, and at the very least reduce their severity when they’re unavoidable.

Boneo Roads speed change map

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About the project

From early June, crews will be on site to install new speed limit signs and yellow ‘New Limit’ signs to increase driver awareness of the new limit. These new signs will signify a speed reduction from 100km/h down to 80km/h from Browns Road, Boneo to Cook Street, Flinders.

Crews will be working from 9:30 to 3:30pm. During works there will be reduced speed limits to keep our crews safe. A lane closure may be partially in place. Variable Message Signs will also be placed along the route alerting you of the changed limits.

Please look out for traffic management signs and temporary speed reductions, as well as our crew as you travel through these areas.

Project Benefits

The reduced limit will provide safer access for those entering and exiting Boneo Road.

  • Vulnerable road users, such as school children, the elderly and cyclists, will be provided safer access along the route.
  • Boneo Road is one of the main roads servicing the Mornington Peninsula National Park. An 80km/h limit will significantly lower the likelihood of collision with native wildlife.
  • Boneo Road is a narrowly sealed and winding road. Reducing the limit will provide speed consistency along the route.
  • Should a crash be unavoidable, a reduced speed limit will lower the severity of injury.   

Community involvement

We’ve been in close consultation with local residents, businesses, government and police operations. Recent incidents along this stretch have been of high concern to the community, and a speed limit that reflects the function and design of the road is widely supported.

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