Boronia Road and Lewis Road intersection upgrade

We’ve improved safety and traffic flow by signalising the intersection at the Boronia Road and Lewis Road intersection in Wantirna South.

Project update - July 2022

Construction on the Boronia Road and Lewis Road intersection is complete. The traffic lights will be switched-on from Monday 4 July.

We thank the community for its patience during this important upgrade.  

Project background

Boronia Road is an important route linking homes, facilities and commuters from Vermont to Boronia. Lewis road provides access to residential properties, businesses, parks, public transport, recreational facilities and schools.

In the 5 years leading to June 2019, there have been 5 reported crashes at this intersection. Limited opportunities to cross heavy traffic on Boronia Road is a significant factor in these accidents. 

These upgrades will improve the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians using this intersection whilst reducing congestion along both Boronia Road and Lewis Road. 

About the project

To improve safety and help ease congestion, traffic lights will be installed at the Boronia Road and Lewis Road intersection.

Additional pedestrian and motorist safety treatments to be delivered as part of the package of works include:

  • Installation of signalised crossings and a new raised shared path across Boronia Road Service Road for pedestrians and bike riders 
  • Installation of a new access point for Boronia Road Service Road residents to exit onto Boronia Road
  • Extending the turning lanes into Lewis Road from Boronia Road
  • Closure of the U-turn lane. Drivers will still be able to make a U-turn 170m to the west at Pindari Drive
  • Improved cyclist facilities including new shared user crossings, a raised crossing on the northern service road adjacent to Boronia Road and signage at the entrance to nearby service roads
  • Installation of safety barriers
  • Additional street lighting
  • Removal of 11 trees from within the road median and replanting of 33 new trees within the nearby outer separator between Boronia Road and Boronia Road Service Road. 
Map of Boronia Road and Lewis Road intersection upgrades.

View a larger version of the map

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