Box Hill to Hawthorn Trail

We’re undertaking a feasibility study to identify route options for a cycling and walking path from Box Hill to Hawthorn

Project Update

We’re now entering the final stages of the Box Hill to Hawthorn Safe Cycling Corridor feasibility study. 

We’ve been hard at work undertaking a range of technical, on-site and desktop investigations to identify options for a safe cycling corridor connecting Box Hill to the Main Yarra Trail in Hawthorn.

Throughout the journey, we’ve been liaising with Council and bicycle user groups to understand what a safe cycling corridor could look like while taking into consideration the constraints that exist along the rail corridor. 

We’ve now completed our multi criteria analysis on several alignment options taking into consideration the strategic cycling corridor key principles as well as several other factors which has resulted in two shortlisted alignment options for further investigations.

We’d like to thank all key stakeholder groups for their participation and feedback so far and for their ongoing support as the study progresses.

The preferred alignment options will require further investigation with the need for broader community consultation in the future. 

Project Background

This feasibility study will involve a range of investigations to identify route options for a walking and cycling link from Box Hill to Hawthorn, as part of the Melbourne CBD to Croydon safer cycling corridor.

About the project

This feasibility study will: 

  • Identify route options for a cycling and walking link between Box Hill and Hawthorn
  • Identify route options that will link the ten railway stations between Box Hill and Hawthorn
  • Identify route options to provide connections to other bicycle routes to the north and south and activity centres along the route
  • Work with other agencies (local councils, rail) to ensure route options integrate well into existing and future infrastructure

As part of this feasibility study, we’re undertaking a number of technical investigations including:

  • Issue identification and assessment
  • Identification of land use requirements and planning
  • Identification of options and assessment
  • Cultural heritage and ecology analysis 

Project Benefits

This feasibility study will identify options for a new cycling and walking link between Box Hill and Hawthorn, that will ultimately provide a range of benefits to local communities, including: 

  • Safer places to walk and ride
  • Safer and easier ways to walk and ride to get to the train
  • Safer ways to walk and ride to local places such as shops, business and schools .

Get in Touch

While our project team will be working on technical investigations in the coming months, we welcome your interest. 

If you have a question or would like to provide us with information, please get in touch:
Email[email protected] 

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