Box Hill to Ringwood shared use path

Connecting cyclists and walkers between Box Hill and Ringwood.

Project update – December 2016

We’re pleased to advise that the alignment for the Ringwood section has been finalised, providing a link between the EastLink Trail and Ringwood Station. Following feedback from the local community, we’ve been able to upgrade the design to include:
  • A new alignment within  the rail reserve to avoid driveway conflicts with Molan Street businesses
  • The conversion of a section of Albert Street to a one-way street for motor vehicles to accommodate a two-way on-road bike path.
  • Installation of traffic lights at New Street to allow path users to safely cross New Street, and right turns to be made from Albert Street into New Street.

To read the full update on the Ringwood section, scroll to the Ringwood section further down the page.

In March 2016, Whitehorse City Council approved the Box Hill and Nunawading sections of the shared use path. In July, Maroondah City Council approved the Ringwood section. We have now finalised the design of these sections and will be advertising a construction contract in early 2017 to build for these sections. 

Whitehorse City Council also asked that further investigation and consultation take place around the Blackburn and Laburnum sections.

In June, we returned to the community in Laburnum to gather more feedback about the current proposal. Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey on the Laburnum section. Scroll down to the Laburnum section further down this page to read about what we heard from the community. 

A detailed breakdown of each section of the path is available at the bottom of this page.

View Box Hill to Ringwood bike path FAQs [PDF 4Mb]

View Box Hill to Ringwood bike path FAQs page

View Box Hill to Ringwood bike path Project Update [PDF 1.1Mb]

View Box Hill to Ringwood bike path Alignment Report [PDF863 Kb]

Project details 

The 10km shared-use path will link the vibrant Box Hill precinct to Ringwood’s centre, allowing users to connect with public transport, community services and recreation facilities along the way. 

Key features include:
  • off-road shared-use paths
  • on-road bicycle facilities
  • runs most of its course along the Belgrave and Lilydale railway line
  • connects with Melbourne’s existing bike network including the EastLink trail and links to Gardiners Creek trail
  • designed for cyclists of varying skill levels and ability as well as pedestrians
  • allows the community to enjoy a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle. 

Project benefits

  • A safer environment for cyclists by separating bikes from cars where possible
  • Improved connectivity to local community and business activity districts
  • Offers a low-cost, sustainable option for commuters, local families, recreational cyclists and walkers
  • Improved access to public transport connections
  • An opportunity for the community to choose active transport to travel to schools and other services along the route 
  • Extended recreational opportunities for cyclists and walkers.

Project delivery

This project is being led by VicRoads in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders including:
  • Whitehorse and Maroondah City Councils
  • Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR)
  • VicTrack
  • Public Transport Victoria (PTV) 
  • Level Crossing Removal Authority
  • Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)
  • local cycling groups and the community

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The path between Linsley Street and Sagoe Lane was opened for use in May 2015.

The final proposed route from Sagoe Lane to Middleborough Road will:
  • run along the northern side of the railway line, behind Box Hill High School.
  • formalise the existing gravel track - an already well-travelled route.
At Middleborough Road, pedestrians and cyclists will use the existing underpass.

Next Steps

We are expecting to advertise a contract in early 2017 with construction on this section beginning in the middle of the year. We expect the Box Hill section of the path to be completed by the end of 2017.
Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey on the Laburnum section in June and July 2016.

We received a total of 1,016 responses to the survey, and received a wealth of local knowledge from the community.

We’re considering our options for this section and working with the City of Whitehorse and other stakeholders to finalise the design solution.  

Read our survey summary report [PDF 2.9Mb] 

The route will follow the south side of the railway line from Blackburn Station to Nunawading Station. It will:
  • be delivered by the Level Crossing Removal project (External link)
  • connect with Blackburn Station, Blackburn Library, Morton Park, St Thomas The Apostle School and Parish, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, and Nunawading Christian College on the south side of the railway
  • cross Blackburn Road via an underpass as well as traffic lights
  • maintain North / South connections at Cottage Street and Oliver Avenue with new bridges over the rail cutting.

You can read more detail about the Blackburn section in the FAQs above.

Construction works for the Blackburn Level Crossing Removal, (including the shared use path), are progressing and expected to be complete by mid 2017.


The final route will cross Springvale Road, then travel along Walkers Road. It will:
  • connect with the path from Blackburn on the southern side of Nunawading station (west building)
  • cross Springvale Road. The community has provided feedback for a preference to avoid constructing the path along the footpath, in front of the Springvale Road shops. We are investigating the possibility of crossing directly between the two station buildings by installing new traffic signals.
  • follow the footpath on the south side of Walkers Road to connect to the existing path along the railway line

Next Steps

We are expecting to advertise a contract in early 2017 with construction on this section beginning in the middle of the year. We expect the Nunawading section of the path to be completed by the end of 2017.

Walkers Road to Mitcham Station

Box Hill to Ringwood bike path aerial map - Walkers Road to Mitcham Station [PDF 18.5Mb]

The Mitcham section from Walkers Road, Nunawading to Mitcham Road, Mitcham was opened in July 2014. It was constructed as part of the Mitcham and Rooks Road Level Crossing Removals project.

The completed off-road path (made possible through initiatives driven by the project team) avoids over 800m of on-road path along Station Street.

The final proposed alignment will follow the railway line from Mitcham Road to Heatherdale Station car park on Molan Street and on to EastLink. It will:
  • be delivered by the Level Crossing Removal project
  • follow Brunswick Road in front of community buildings using a widened footpath
  • cross Brunswick Park (at the request of Council) and follow the railway line rather than going through the park 
  • travel on a new bridge over Cochrane Street, provided due to steep grades on Brunswick Road and poor sight distance to vehicles on Cochrane Street
Image of the Cochrane Street bridge for the Box Hill to Ringwood shared path
  • continue on the south side of the railway line from Cochrane Street to Purches Street
  • cross from south to north of the railway line using a new bridge between Purches Street and Witt Street
  • follow the north side of the railway line to Heatherdale Road, providing a connection for residents on the north side and requiring less vegetation removal than a path on the south side
  • cross Heatherdale Road and the railway line at new pedestrian/cyclist lights in front of Heatherdale Station (an underpass can’t be built due to limited available space and the existing topography which will result in excessively long ramps)
  • follow the south side of the railway line to the station parking under the transmission towers and connect to Molan Street
  • widen the southern footpath on Molan Street to EastLink.
Construction works for the Heatherdale Level Crossing Removal, including the shared use path, are progressing and expected to be complete by mid 2017.
We have revised the final alignment for the Ringwood section.
The level crossing removal works at Heatherdale Station have provided an opportunity to construct the shared use path in the rail corridor. The revised Ringwood alignment will:
  • cross EastLink via the existing Molan Street bridge,
  • follow the existing EastLink trail to connect to the rail corridor behind Molan Street businesses
  • include new traffic signals at the intersection of New Street and Albert Street, providing a safe crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as allowing a right turn from Albert Street into New Street towards Maroondah Highway
  • follow Albert Street using an on-road two-way bike lane. This will change the operation of Albert Street, removing parking from the north side and creating a one-way street for 200m east of New Street.
  • connect to the recently built path from the playground on Albert Street to Wantirna Road, and continuing to Ringwood Station.
Benefits of the revised final alignment are:
  • relocating the shared use path away from the Molan Street footpath, avoiding driveway conflicts
  • introducing access for Albert Street residents to Maroondah Hwy via New Street and reducing through traffic along Albert Street
  • retaining 26 mature trees along the Albert Street northern nature strip

Read our latest community update [PDF 2.9Mb] about the Ringwood section, and see a map of the alignment.

Image showing the proposed Ringwood bike path. 

Next steps

We are expecting to advertise a contract in early 2017 with construction on this section beginning in the middle of the year, following the completion of the Heatherdale Level Crossing Removal project. We expect the Ringwood section to be completed by the end of 2017.

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