Box Hill to Ringwood shared use path

Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to travel along a dedicated shared path from Box Hill to Ringwood once this active transport initiative is complete.

Project update - February 2020

We held three community information sessions in October 2019 to present designs and receive feedback on the alignment for the Laburnum section of the Box Hill to Ringwood shared path. 

We’ve reviewed all individual feedback forms and feedback post-it notes from these sessions to produce a Community Feedback Report. 

An online Community Feedback Report can be viewed here or a downloadable version Laburnum Community Engagement Report [PDF 379Kb] 

You can see the alignment presented to the community at the October sessions in the map below.

Map showing the Laburnum section of the Box Hill to Ringwood shared path

View a larger version of the map

Laburnum Section:

We’re working with key stakeholders to finalise the design for the Laburnum section of the path. 

The Laburnum section is the missing link in the 10km Box Hill to Ringwood shared path providing a vital connection to local communities, schools and businesses. 

The path will travel from Middleborough Road through Laburnum Park to Laburnum Street, where cyclists will travel on-road to Main Street to a new dedicated two-way bike path adjacent to the existing footpath that will travel to Blackburn Railway Station.

The improvements we’re making include:

  • Widening the existing path on the eastern side of the Middleborough Road bridge
  • Building a shared path through Laburnum Park
  • Installing pedestrian signals on Laburnum Street near the rail overpass
  • Reducing the speed limit on Laburnum Street to 40km/h
  • Improving line marking and signage on Laburnum Street
  • Installing a raised platform crossing at the Laburnum and Main Street intersection and the Main Street and South Parade intersection
  • Building a new off-road two-way bike path along Main Street
  • Installing a zebra crossing on Main Street just south of South Parade
  • Changing line marking at the Main Street and South Parade intersection to give priority right of way to Main Street

Next Steps:

At a City of Whitehorse Council meeting on 9 December 2019, the Council endorsed the alignment of the path from Blackburn Station to Laburnum Street near the Laburnum Street rail underpass including an off road path along Main St and an on road section along Laburnum Street. 
Council have requested a review of the alignment through Laburnum Park. 
We are currently working with Council officers to review an alternative alignment through Laburnum Park and we’ll advise of the outcome in the coming months.
We expect to start construction mid-2020 and complete the work late 2020.

Project details

The 10km shared path links the vibrant Box Hill precinct to Ringwood’s centre, providing both pedestrians and cyclists a direct and safe connection to public transport, community services and recreational facilities.

Key features of these works include:

  • off-road walking and cycling paths
  • new traffic and pedestrian operated signals
  • links to Melbourne’s existing bike network, including the EastLink trail and Gardiners Creek trail
  • a vital link for the local community to amenities and activity hubs.  

Project benefits

Key benefits include:

  • a safer journey for cyclists by separating bikes from cars where possible
  • improved links to local community and businesses
  • a low-cost, sustainable travel option for commuters
  • improved access to public transport
  • an opportunity to choose active transport for travel to schools and other services along the path 
  • more recreational opportunities for cyclists and walkers
  • encouraging a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle. 

Box Hill to Ringwood Path map

View larger version of Box Hill to Ringwood bike path map [JPEG 142 Kb]

The new shared path has significantly improved safety for cyclists and pedestrians. It has provided a vital link for communities accessing local amenities and other off-road cycling paths such as the East Link Trail.

Providing safe pedestrian and cycling facilities is essential in encouraging more people to choose active modes of transport as an alternative to driving.

Active modes of transport play a major role in promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for Victorians, while also relieving congestion on Melbourne’s road network. A map of the shared path is shown below. 

 Image fo the Box Hill to Ringwood shared path December 2016

Contact us

For further information please contact the project team:

Email: [email protected]

Project Timeline
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
Mitcham Section
 Completed July 2014 Completed
Box Hill Section Stage 1 Completed May 2015 Completed
Blackburn Section
Completed May 2017 Completed
Heatherdale Section Completed May 2017 Completed
Ringwood Section Completed Sept 2018 Completed
Box Hill Section Stage 2
August 2019 Completed
Nunawading Section
August 2019 Completed
Laburnum Section In design Upcoming

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