Bridge Road, Richmond tram stop improvements

Easy Access Stops are a new type of tram stop providing improved access for tram users, especially the elderly, vision and mobility impaired, and people with prams, while maintaining two lanes of traffic during peak traffic times.

Easy Access Stops - Punt Road to Church Street, Richmond

Easy Access Stops have been designed for Melbourne’s tram network where the existing road space is too narrow to cater for platform tram stops.

The Easy Access Stops on Bridge Road maintain two traffic lanes in peak hour via a raised kerbside traffic lane and a shared tram and vehicle lane adjacent to the stops. This provides for traffic flow for the high volumes of traffic during the morning and afternoon peaks.

View an image of the Bridge Road EAS [PDF 199 Kb].

How to use the Easy Access Stops

It is important that passengers, drivers and cyclists know how to use the stops safely and that everyone shares this road.

Tram passengers

  • Tram passengers use an easy access stop like a kerbside tram stop.
  • Passengers wait on the footpath behind the yellow line and hail the tram.
  • Passengers then cross the kerbside lane (EAS) to the tram when the tram has stopped at the tram stop.


  • Drivers must obey the rules for driving with trams and stop at the rear of the stopped tram for boarding and alighting passengers. In clearway times, general traffic can use both the kerbside and centre lanes.
  • Parking is not permitted on the ramps or over the tram stop at any time.


  • Cyclists must obey the rules for driving with trams and stop at the rear of the tram when it is stopped at the tram stop.
  • Cyclists are encouraged to use the kerbside lane (EAS) at all times.

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