Buckley Street and Victoria Street, Seddon

Buckley Street and Victoria Street, Seddon will be made safer thanks to the Victorian and Australian Government’s $1.4 million investment as part of the Road Safety Program.

This jointly funded program is dedicating $245 million to support the fast roll-out of life-saving road safety treatments on high-speed roads and promotes greater protection for vulnerable road users, like bike riders and pedestrians, in urban areas. 

Project update

We expect to commence night works in June 2021. Pending weather, all major works will be complete by mid-August 2021. Works to complete line marking and pavement treatments will recommence after the weather improves in September 2021. We will inform the community when we’re able to recommence on site.

During night works you can expect: 

  • minor delays and disruption to traffic flow, with some detours in place
  • safe speeds around the works zone to keep our work crews safe
  • minor to medium levels of dust.

Works that require the use of heavy machinery will need to go ahead between the hours of 8pm to 12am (Sunday – Thursday) and the remaining tasks past midnight will be low noise impact works to allow nearby residents a peaceful night.

Project background

The Buckley Street and Victoria Street intersection is a major intersection in the west with over 40,000 vehicles travelling through it each day.

There is a bend on Buckley Street where it intersects with Victoria Street causing a degree of uncertainty for those drivers turning right (onto Victoria Street) and increasing the risk of collision with oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

This project will make the intersection safer for pedestrians, bike riders and drivers and ensures compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). 

Project scope includes: 

  • a controlled right turn that will only allow vehicles to turn right when there is a green turning arrow, reducing driver uncertainty, and preventing crashes between right turning and oncoming vehicles
  • exclusive right turn lanes will improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of vehicles’ skidding or losing tyre traction
  • continuation of the dedicated bicycle lane on east approach will improve bike rider safety 
  • reshaping the pram crossing which will reduce tripping hazards and improve accessibility for pedestrians using the intersection.
  • illuminated ‘Give Way to Pedestrian’ LED signs to remind drivers to be aware of vulnerable road users
  • surface overlay will improve road vision particularly during severe weather conditions.

Contact us

If you’d like further information on the project you can email us at [email protected]

This project is considered a critical infrastructure project and will continue during current COVID restrictions. Critical infrastructure projects include safety and maintenance works on roads and public transport, and road safety projects that maintain critical safe operations on the road network. To ensure the safety of all workers and the community, all construction and maintenance work undertaken during these restrictions will operate under a COVID Safe plan.

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