Buckley Street Signalised Pedestrian Crossing, Essendon

The Victorian Government in partnership with the TAC have made it easier and safer for people to cross Buckley Street in Essendon. 

We’ve installed a new Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant signalised pedestrian crossing. 

The new signals are fitted with detectors which automatically extend or reduce the amount of green time, depending on how long it takes for people to safely cross the street. 

This project was funded by the Victorian Government’s $100 million Safer Cyclist and Pedestrian Fund, a sub-program of the $1.4 billion Safer Roads Program, delivered in partnership by the TAC and the Department of Transport. 

Project update - December 2021

We have completed construction work for this project.

As we wait for the power to be switched on, a temporary generator will be placed on the corner of McPhail Street and Buckley Street to allow for the pedestrian crossing to be functional. The generator will produce low noise, similar to that of an idling vehicle.  

Changes to parking   

In order to provide a safe environment, we removed two on-street car parking spaces in close vicinity of the signalised pedestrian crossing- one on the north side and one on the south side of Buckley Street. We added two new car parking spaces on the north side of Buckley Street (in front of Essendon Eye Clinic and Laser Centre).  

Safer Roads 

This upgrade was being delivered by Safer Roads, in partnership with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).  

To learn more about how we’re making Victorian roads safer visit our interactive safer roads website.

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