Bulla bypass & Melbourne Airport link planning study

We’re planning to reserve land for a link between Melbourne Airport and the future Outer Metropolitan Ring transport corridor and a bypass of Bulla.

August 2018

In July 2016, Amendment C190 to the Hume Planning Scheme was refused by the Minister for Planning, who asked VicRoads to undertake further investigation.  VicRoads is currently completing this work. 


In May 2015 an independent panel made recommendations based on a public hearing held in March. After reviewing the recommendations, Amendment C190 to the Hume Planning Scheme was submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval. The land required for the future upgrade of the Bulla Bypass / Melbourne Airport Link can be reserved with a public acquisition overly when it is approved. 

A public acquisition overlay (PAO) is the reservation of a piece of land for a public purpose (like the development of a road or infrastructure). The Victorian Planning Maps Online website (External link) allows you to view the location of the Outer Metropolitan Ring/E6 PAO in relation to your property.

To find your property enter your address details in the “Address” field near the bottom left of the page and then click on the search button. To view the overlay in relation to your property, click on the “Overlays Only” button at the top of the page.

Project overview

The planning study has identified suitable routes that support future traffic volumes in the region and provide an improved connection from Melbourne Airport to the city’s north and west. The proposed Melbourne Airport Link will include provision for a 6 lane freeway and the Bulla Bypass will include provision for a 6 lane arterial road. The study will allow us to identify land that should be reserved for future transport needs. The Bulla bypass and Melbourne Airport Link connect to the Outer Metropolitan Ring/E6, which is a 100 kilometre long high-speed transport link for people and freight in Melbourne’s north and west. 

Bulla Bypass Route

Bulla Bypass begins east of Oaklands Road on Somerton Road in Greenvale and extends west along Somerton Road with widening to the north, across Deep Creek valley, and connecting with Sunbury Road, west of Bulla.

Detailed drawing of BB5

Melbourne Airport Link Route

The Melbourne Airport Link extends north from the Tullamarine Freeway, where it connects to the future proposed Outer Metropolitan Ring / E6 Transport Corridor (OMR).

Detail drawing of Melbourne Airport Link

What happens next?

Land acquisition

The proposed Planning Scheme Amendment identifies the road reservation and sets aside land for the further development.  A public acquisition overlay (PAO) is the reservation of a piece of land for a public purpose (like the development of a road or infrastructure).  

Anyone affected by the proposed acquisition will be consulted prior to any future construction. 

Land can generally only be compulsorily acquired if affected by a PAO within the local planning scheme. If your property is affected by the PAO, it can be compulsorily acquired in accordance with the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986. When the time comes to acquire your land, VicRoads will contact you to discuss the proposals and provide any information required. This would usually occur following the project's announcement and allocation of funding to enable construction. 

Once a reservation for the route is in place in the Council’s planning scheme, you may be eligible to claim for compensation under Section 106 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  A loss may arise due to a permit refusal for change of use, to not allow development of the land or if the property is sold at a lower price than reasonably expected if the land or part of the land had not been reserved. 

Planning and Environmental Assessment Report

A Planning and Environmental Assessment Report has been prepared, which describes the potential impacts of the plan and ways to minimise negative effects: 

Planning and Environmental Assessment Report [PDF 11.45 Mb]

Planning Scheme Amendment process

We reviewed and considered submissions lodged during the public exhibition period of Amendment C190 to the Hume Planning Scheme. Community engagement is an important part of this study and local residents have been involved throughout the process.  

View the Amendment C190 to the Hume Planning Scheme [PDF 3.3Mb]

Traffic issues in Bulla in the short term

Over the last few years, we have included roundabouts, lane widening, wire rope barriers, guard rails and metering signals in the area. Also safety improvement works have been undertaken in 2016 on Bulla Rd between Bulla - Diggers Rest and Wildwood Road.

We’ll continue to monitor the traffic issues in Bulla in order to identify the need for further short term improvements until the Melbourne Airport Link and Bulla Bypass are built. 

Public transport and bicycle facilities

The planning study considers the concerns of bicyclists and pedestrian groups as well as relevant public transport authorities and users. A shared pedestrian/ bicycle path on one side of the Melbourne Airport link and the Bulla Bypass is one improvement that has already been suggested. 

Visual impact of a structure crossing Deep Creek

The detailed landscape and visual assessment study recommended mitigation measures such as bridge and urban design features and tree plantings to help reduce the visual impacts experienced by the local residents in and around Bulla, as well as people travelling along the arterial road/freeway. 

Outer Metropolitan Ring/E6 status

Planning scheme Amendment VC68 was ratified by Parliament in 2010 and gazetted on 6 August 2010. This provided, amongst other things, a public acquisition overlay in council planning schemes for the Outer Metropolitan Ring/E6 (OMR). The priority for construction of this project is subject to further Government decision making.

The link to Melbourne Airport wasn’t included in the OMR Reservation as we were concerned that traffic travelling in an east-west direction, such as from Sunbury to Melbourne Airport and Craigieburn, would compromise the safety and efficiency.

A study area was identified during planning for the OMR for a future link from the OMR to Melbourne Airport. The revised study area is now the area currently being investigated for both the Bulla Bypass and Melbourne Airport Link to the OMR. For further information see the Outer Metropolitan Ring E6 tranpsort corridor page.

Specialist consultant reports

Expert Witness Statements

Land use assessment [PDF 9.8 Mb]

Flora and Fauna Assessment [PDF, 9.5 Mb]

Social Impact Assessment [PDF, 2.6 Mb]

Bulla Bypass / Melbourne Airport Link to Outer Metropolitan Ring - Draft Incorporated Document November 2014 [PDF, 1 Mb]

Traffic and Transport Engineering Assessment [PDF, 3.4 Mb]

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