Bulla Road Bridge Lane Reconfiguration

The Victorian government is working with Essendon Fields to improve traffic conditions on the Bulla Road Bridge, Essendon North. 

Project background

The Victorian Government and Essendon Airport Pty Ltd (Essendon Fields) are working together to improve traffic conditions at the Bulla Road Bridge freeway interchange. This project is a public and private partnership funded project by the Victorian Government, under the Smarter Roads Program, and Essendon Airport Pty Ltd (Essendon Fields).

This popular interchange becomes very congested during the weekend peak, with large queues of vehicles waiting to exit the DFO Essendon retail precinct.

The project will reconfigure the turn lanes on the bridge, to create twin right turn lanes for vehicles turning onto Tullamarine and Calder Freeways (see map below). This will improve the overall flow of traffic and create a safer road for users. 

Bulla Road Bridge at Tullamarine Freeway and CityLink interchange Essendon North

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The works include will include:

  • lane reconfiguration
  • construction of an island
  • line marking changes
  • traffic signals reprogramming and 
  • Installation of a CCTV camera 

We expect the lane changes to be complete by August 2021.

Works will take place at night and have little impact on road users.

Project benefits

We have carefully assessed the traffic flows and expect far greater benefits for more travellers with this new turning lane configuration.

Currently, the longest traffic queues are for those turning west from Bulla Road Bridge. After the completion of the lane changes, there will be an improvement for weekend traffic exiting Essendon DFO and turning onto the Tullamarine/Calder Freeway towards Keilor.

This change will mean one less turning lane for those turning from Bulla Road bridge towards the city during Monday to Friday morning peak. Overall, the benefit from improved traffic flow will outweigh a minor increase in travel time for the am and pm peak period. 

We will be watching to ensure traffic keeps flowing by installing CCTV cameras to monitor traffic changes and responding with improve traffic light sequencing to reduce queues. 

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