Canterbury Road and Bedford Road intersection upgrade

We’ve improved safety and traffic flow through the intersection of Canterbury Road and Bedford Road, as part of a $1.6 million upgrade by the Victorian Government.

Project update - September 2020

We’ve completed works to improve safety and traffic flow through this intersection.

What has been upgraded?

  • The left turn slip lane from Bedford Road to Canterbury Road has been realigned - substantially improving safety of the intersection.
  • The right turn lane on Canterbury Road into Bedford Road has been extended which has improved safety and reduced queue lengths and congestion.
  • A new pedestrian crossing, providing a safe place to cross
  • A new dedicated left turn lane into Rawson Court will now provide safer access for residents to their homes.
  • Installation of a right turn arrow on the traffic lights from Canterbury Road into Aringa Court
  • Improved traffic signal sequencing to boost traffic flow 
  • Improved line marking and signage to increase visibility and driver awareness.
Map showing Canterbury Rd and Bedford Rd intersection - smaller version 

View a larger version of the Canterbury Road and Bedford Road intersection map [PNG 141Kb]


The upgrade of the busy Canterbury Road and Bedford Road intersection will improve safety and provide greater capacity in the long term, as it continues to serve the growing Heathmont and Ringwood communities.

Project background

The Canterbury Road and Bedford Road intersection is a busy junction providing a key link between Heathmont and Ringwood. 

Each day, approximately 20,000 vehicles travel along Canterbury Road and 6,500 along Bedford Road, with 6 per cent of these being heavy vehicles. 

This intersection has a history of serious casualty crashes, with many of these involving rear-end crashes from the Bedford Road left slip lane onto Canterbury Road. Over 5 years to July 2018, there have been 6 crashes at this intersection, resulting in 5 people being seriously injured.

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