Canterbury Road, Bayswater North

We’re upgrading Canterbury Road to improve traffic flow and ease congestion for those travelling through Bayswater towards Montrose. 

Project Update

In 2016, the Australian Government committed $20 million to build a third lane outbound along Canterbury Road from Dorset Road to Montrose Road and to upgrade the Montrose roundabout to a signalised intersection. 

In 2018, the Australian Government committed a further $24.5 million to build a third lane inbound along Canterbury Road from Liverpool Road to Dorset Road. 

Following this announcement, we’ve been reviewing our designs and completing technical investigations to widen Canterbury Road between Dorset Road in Bayswater North and One Tree Lane in Montrose. 

We’ll be seeking feedback from key stakeholders and the community about the proposed road widening upgrade and our design in 2021

Project background

Canterbury Road is a key corridor in Melbourne’s east. It is currently experiencing significant levels of congestion in the afternoon peak through Bayswater and Montrose with more than 30,000 vehicles travelling along the road each day.

To help ease congestion and provide more reliable journey times for road users, we’ll be widening Canterbury Road between Dorset Road and One Tree Lane. 

The road widening will allow for new lanes to be constructed in both the inbound and outbound directions. 

Canterbury Road upgrade 

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Benefits include:

  • Improved traffic flow and ease congestion for commuters, the local community and commercial operators
  • Increased capacity at key intersections
  • More reliable journey times
  • Improved bus operations
  • Improved amenity and safety for pedestrians at the Montrose intersection
  • The new traffic lights in Montrose will be linked with other intersections along Canterbury Road to ensure smooth traffic flow during peak periods

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