Canterbury Road upgrade

The upgrade of Canterbury Road will improve traffic flow and give everyone who uses this intersection a fair go, whether they’re a local driver, commuter, cyclist or pedestrian.

Project update - August 2018

VicRoads has been engaging with the community for over 12 months to better understand the local context of the proposed changes. We’ve met with local residents and traders, the Montrose Township Group, CFA, and Yarra Ranges and Maroondah councils to ensure we understand the impacts of the proposal on the local community while also meeting the needs of the travelling public.

Thank you to those that attended the community information session held in Montrose in December. We received a significant amount of feedback from the community, a summary can be viewed  Canterbury Road Upgrade Community Feedback Report - August 2018 [PDF 658Kb].

While we’re not able to accommodate all the issues raised by the community, we are refining the design based on the feedback received. We are working with designers, engineers, landscape architects and ecologists to refine the plans, particularly in the Montrose area, for the intersection upgrade. The design for the addition of the third lane is now being finalised for approval. The design for the intersection upgrade at Montrose is well underway.

Project background

Around 1900 vehicles an hour use Canterbury Road in the afternoon peak heading towards the Dandenongs and the Yarra Valley.

The roundabout in Montrose is struggling to cope with an increase in traffic and no longer works effectively. This creates significant delays and queues and impacts local roads as people look for alternatives to avoid queues.

About the project

We’re currently working on improving the design of the project by continuing to engage with the community.

We plan to replace the roundabout at the intersection of Canterbury Road and Mount Dandenong Tourist Road in Montrose with new traffic lights, including safe pedestrian crossings.
We plan to build a new third lane along Canterbury Road between Dorset Road and the new intersection heading outbound. 

We’ll also link the new traffic lights with other sections along Canterbury Road to ensure traffic flows smoothly.

These works are designed to ease congestion along Canterbury Road and provide reliable journey time for commuters, particularly during peak periods.

The work is currently planned to be delivered in two stages. 

  • Stage 1 - addition of a third lane along Canterbury Road, in the outbound direction, between Dorset Road and Liverpool Road. The project will go out to tender in the second half of 2018 and construction is likely to commence in early 2019. 
  • Stage 2 - Montrose intersection upgrade - replacing the existing roundabout with traffic signals. Further design elements need to be worked through for this stage, including landscaping and urban design, and planning approvals need to be sought. Construction of this section is likely to commence in 2020 and is subject to further community engagement and safety and environmental considerations being addressed. 

Canterbury Road montrose

View a larger version of the Canterbury Road Montrose upgrade project map [PDF 186KB] 


This upgrade aims to benefit the community by improving traffic flow along Canterbury Road and reduce travel times through this area, especially during peak times. Other benefits are:

  • Reduced congestion for commuters, the local community and commercial operators
  • Increased capacity at key intersections
  • More reliable journey times
  • Improved bus operations
  • Improved amenity and safety for pedestrians at the Montrose intersection
  • The new traffic lights will be linked with other intersections along Canterbury Road to ensure smooth traffic flow during peak periods

Community involvement

We have spoken with local residents and businesses and will continue to do so while we refine the design.  

We’re also talking to the Montrose Township Group, Yarra Ranges Council, Maroondah City Council and local businesses. 

There is still a lot of work to do to for the Montrose component of the project to ensure we have the right design that will meet the needs of the local community as well as the travelling public. Over the next 6 months we will be:

  • Engaging a third party to review work done to date, particularly in relation to traffic modelling and design options
  • Workshopping opportunities to incorporate landscaping and urban design elements into the project and presenting visual representations of what Montrose may look like when works are complete
  • Working with local community groups to identify opportunities for further input to the design

We will let you know what opportunities there are for you to be involved or give us feedback on these activities in the coming months. 

What happens next?

Once the designs have been finalised we will seek all relevant approvals for construction, including going through the planning permit process with Yarra Ranges Council. Construction of Stage 1 (the addition of a third lane between Dorset Road and Liverpool Road) is expected to commence early 2019.

We’re continuing to work with the local community and Yarra Ranges Council on Stage 2 from Liverpool Road to Montrose Road to refine the intersection design and look for opportunities to enhance the design to highlight the significance of Montrose as a gateway to The Dandenongs.

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