City Road and Power Street intersection safety improvements

We’re making safety improvements to the City Road and Power Street intersection in Southbank. 

What has happened to date 

Immediate improvements

The first phase of the safety improvement works have been completed. These include: 

  • Installing bollards and concrete blocks at the corner of the intersection to increase the physical separation between vehicles and pedestrians using the crossing.
  • Chaining the bollards together to increase their mass.
  • Placing temporary candlestick bollards near the corner to discourage pedestrians from standing close to the edge 
  • Installing dynamic pedestrian sensor technology to detect the number of people waiting to cross and trigger traffic light changes to help prevent crowding. Pedestrians will also be given a head start to cross, ahead of left-turning traffic.
  • Installing signs to provide advance warning to truck drivers to watch out for pedestrians, approach the intersection with care when turning left and to use more than one lane to navigate the turn.
  • Marking out the pedestrian crossing with yellow paint to make it more visible to road users.
  • Line marking on the footpath to encourage clear and safe distance for pedestrians while they are waiting to cross
  • Installing signs to increase road users’ awareness that trucks need room to turn and not to pass turning trucks on either side. 

Medium to long-term improvements

The Department of Transport is continuing to work with the City of Melbourne, the freight industry, residents, traders and road users to finalise planning and design for further safety treatments at this complex site and other similar sites across Melbourne.    

Why are trucks still allowed to travel in the area? 

Trucks that are 4.65 metres and higher, as well as placard loads such as fuel tankers and livestock transporters, cannot pass through the Citylink Tunnels. This a WorkSafe requirement that is detailed in the Road Transport (Dangerous Goods) Act 1995.

The intersection is part of an essential transport route for these vehicles and a recognised and essential detour route when the tunnels are closed. 

How you can help share the road

Sharing the road with a variety of road users is an everyday experience in Southbank and Melbourne as a whole. Learn how to share the road safely by following the safety advice below.

Find out more

If you would like more information about this project, please email the project team at [email protected]

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