City Road and Power Street intersection safety improvements

We’re making safety improvements to the City Road and Power Street intersection in Southbank. 

Intersection upgrade - Update July 2022

Progress is continuing to be made on the upgrade of the City Road and Power Street intersection, with the approval of a final detailed design.

The $3.8 million upgrade will see: 

  • Removal of the splitter island, replaced with painted chevrons on the southern leg. 
  • Realignment of the pedestrian crossing further south to allow more separation for pedestrians from traffic on the southern leg.
  • A shift of all lanes and the median to the north on the eastern leg.
  • A shift of all lanes to the north, converting the left lane to a through and left lane, removal of one through lane.

These measures will create more space between pedestrians and road users, while providing more room for large trucks that cannot use the Citylink tunnels to turn into Power Street. 

City Road Power Street intersection aerial pic 

Before and after birds eye view

Before and after street view


The City Road and Power Street intersection will undergo a major upgrade to improve safety for pedestrians and drivers.

An extensive investigation and design process has been finalised to determine the upgrade to this intersection. Engineers and road safety specialists have been working on this site since May and have had to consider issues such as available road and pedestrian space, traffic volumes, and underground utilities in their design.


The upgrade will include:

  • removing a traffic island on Power Street
  • widening the footpath on City Road
  • moving the pedestrian crossing away from the corner 
  • shifting all lanes on City Road at the intersection.

This will enhance improvements already delivered at the intersection earlier this year including:

  • the installation of concrete blocks, plastic bollards and planter boxes
  • signs and markings warning of turning trucks
  • automated pedestrian crossing and sensors to minimising waiting periods for pedestrians.

These measures will increase space between pedestrians and road users, while providing more room for large trucks that cannot use the Citylink tunnels to turn into Power Street.

The measures will also improve road user and pedestrian awareness of safety around heavy vehicles.

What are the details of this upgrade?

We will remove a kerbed centre island on Power Street, immediately south of the intersection, and relocate the pedestrian crossing away from the corner where crashes occurred earlier this year. This will give pedestrians more room to wait and large trucks more room to navigate the left turn from City Road onto Power Street.

All lanes on City Road will be shifted north, allowing for footpath widening and creating more space for pedestrians. The stop line for all traffic travelling from the east will be pushed back to make it easier for large trucks to safely navigate the intersection.

In developing these safety measures, we have carried out traffic modelling, considered heritage-listed property, and undertaken safety audits and the identification of all underground utilities.

When will the works begin?

We aim to commence major works late next year and expect the upgrade to be completed by early 2023. 

Preliminary works commenced in late 2021 to investigate underground services at the intersection. Further preliminary work is required to relocate essential underground utilities that service the traffic signals and provide electricity and other essentials to residents and businesses in the area.

Why are trucks still allowed to travel in the area? 

Trucks that are 4.65 metres and higher, as well as placard loads such as fuel tankers, cannot pass through the Citylink Tunnels. Regarding placard loads, this a WorkSafe requirement that is detailed in the Road Transport (Dangerous Goods) Act 1995 and applies to all Victorian tunnels. 

Livestock vehicles are also unable to use Citylink tunnels due to both the physical constraints of the tunnel and for animal welfare reasons.

All other heavy vehicles are permitted to use the tunnels. This is a recognised and essential detour route when the tunnels are closed.

How you can help share the road

Sharing the road with a variety of road users is an everyday experience in Southbank and Melbourne as a whole. Learn how to share the road safely by following the safety advice below.

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