Civic Drive/Diamond Creek Road and Greensborough Bypass safety improvements

The Victorian Government has improved safety for pedestrians and road users around the Civic Drive, Diamond Creek Road and Greensborough Bypass intersection.

Project update - April 2022

We have made it safer for all school children and pedestrians using nearby bus stops, as well as for cyclists and other road users by reducing the speed limit from 80km/h to 70km/h for northbound traffic on Diamond Creek Road, between Plenty River Drive and Civic Drive. 

What we did

  • The 80km/h speed limit for northbound motorists was reduced to 70km/h along a 700m section of Diamond Creek Road.
  • Dragon teeth-shaped lines and “Slow Down” markings were painted on the northbound and southbound lanes of Diamond Creek Road, near Greenhill Road. They were also painted on Civic Drive, on the approach to the pedestrian crossing near Diamond Hills Drive.
  • Pedestrian warning signs were installed on Diamond Creek Road near the bus stops located close to Oldstead Road.


More than 40,000 vehicles use the Civic Drive/ Diamond Creek Road and Greensborough Bypass intersection per day.

In the five years to June 2020, two reported casualty crashes occurred along Diamond Creek Road. Of these:

  • One resulted in serious injuries to pedestrians and occurred south of Greenhill Road.
  • One crash occurred in the northbound direction between Plenty River Drive and Greenhill Road where speed of the vehicle was a contributing factor.

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