Community Gateways

We're improving road safety in small towns across regional Victoria,  as part of Towards Zero.


Drivers using major roads entering regional communities will soon see community gateways, with construction beginning in February 2019. 

Construction may take place anytime between 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday and Sunday, though major delays are not expected due to the simple and confined nature of the works.

Temporary 40km/h speed zones will be in place to protect both workers and road users during works. If you’re travelling through the area, keep an eye out for changes to traffic conditions and plan ahead for minor delays.

Thank you for your patience while we make these important road safety improvements.

About the project

Many of Victoria’s towns are connected by high-speed roads, where drivers and riders are required to significantly lower their speed when approaching built up areas. 

Motorists can miss speed signs as they enter a town, making them more likely to travel over the speed limit when driving through the community.

We’re installing community gateways on major roads to help motorists recognise the speed limit in built up areas and welcome them to town.  

Community gateways include: 

  • large signs on green backgrounds, displaying the speed limit and town’s name
  • eye-catching painted lines on the road, leading into the gateway 

These new signs and line markings will make it easier to see speed limits and slow down, improving safety for people living in and travelling through regional communities.


Get in touch

To find out more about community gateways, email: [email protected]

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