Dalton Road and Childs Road intersection upgrade

We’re upgrading the Dalton Road and Childs Road intersection with a $5.5 million project to make it safer and relieve traffic congestion.

Project update - February 2017

The contract for construction was recently awarded to Ace Infrastructure, with works expected to begin in March 2017.

The project is due to be completed by mid-2017.

Image of the planned Dalton and Childs Road intersection upgrade

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Project Background

Both Dalton Road and Childs Road carry high traffic volumes and drivers currently experience long queues at the roundabout, some resort to taking unnecessary risks to enter the intersection. 

By replacing the existing roundabout with traffic lights, it will ease congestion, reduce traffic queues and improve safety by providing a more controlled intersection.

As well as boosting capacity and traffic flow on Dalton Road and Childs Road, travel times will reduce, particularly during the busy morning and afternoon peak periods.


Dalton Road and Childs Road improvements will include: 
  • removing the existing roundabout
  • installing new traffic lights
  • dedicated turning lanes on all approaches
  • new signalised pedestrian operated crossings  
  • new bicycle lanes and priority boxes for cyclists at traffic lights 
  • new footpaths  
Once complete, the improvements will reduce congestion at the intersection, improve safety for all road users and provide better access for pedestrians and cyclists.

What happens next?

We'll keep the community up to date with the progress of the project, and will give advanced notification of any planned works that may cause disruptions or delays.

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