Dandenong to Warrigal Road initiative

Every day our road network is being asked to do more. Now is the time to make smarter, real-time changes to the way we manage the increasing demands along the Dandenong to Warrigal Road corridor.

We’re increasing incident response teams and introducing real-time technology along the Dandenong to Warrigal Road corridor to improve traffic flow. 

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This initiative will help us deliver smarter and more reliable travel information when you need it, where you need it, and point you to tools and resources to help you plan your travels.

What’s changing?

Starting in April, we’ll be targeting the corridor with the latest real-time technologies and extra on-road services to help you travel more quickly and reliably through the Dandenong to Warrigal Road corridor.

That means more things like electronic messaging signs to help you avoid traffic, extra CCTVs to help us see even more of the network, and more incident response teams to clear up accidents faster and get you moving sooner.

We’ll also be introducing:

  • Addinsight – a new app with spoken updates to help you avoid traffic before you get stuck in it. What is Addinsight?
  • Changes to traffic light sequencing to increase traffic flow.
  • Blue tooth sensors to measure congestion and provide you with faster information about the best route.

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How will this help me?

The extra incident response teams and real-time technology are designed to make your journey quicker by giving you access to more information about the traffic conditions.

We’ll be visiting some businesses, universities and community groups in the area to talk to them about how they can encourage people to hop on their bikes, take the train or even just walk to the corner store instead of jumping in their cars – everyone has a role in easing congestion. 

It only takes a change to one in 20 of your trips to reduce congestion. That means if you took the train to work once every three weeks, traffic that day would be similar to school holiday conditions.

How do I avoid congestion?


Everyone has a role to play in reducing congestion so we'll be giving you more reliable, real-time information to help you make more informed choices about how you travel. Rethinking the route, the time you travel and mode of travelling you take will help us all get from A to B quickly and efficiently.


Changing when you leave, even fractionally, can improve the time of your journey significantly. Leaving 10 minutes earlier could mean the difference between a stress-free ride and sitting in traffic.

Visit the VicTraffic website (External link), download the VicTraffic app (External link) or follow VicTraffic on Twitter (External link) for real-time traffic updates.


Walking, cycling or catching public transport could save you money, time and stress while improving your health and wellbeing.

Plan your commute on the PTV website (External link) or download the PTV app (External link).

If there are road safety issues that concern you or prevent you from walking more, we’d like to hear from you. To help improve our streets, you can share your experiences at WalkSpot (External link). Submissions close on Friday 28 April.


Changing the road you take to work, school or the shops could shave considerable time off your journey.

Download the Addinsight app to get real-time audio traffic updates sent to your phone.

What is Addinsight?

The Addinsight app works in combination with a network of Bluetooth broadcasting devices to provide spoken alerts about delays on the road ahead. 

The map highlights sections of road that are currently experiencing higher than normal delays. Addinsight has introduced spoken alerts, allowing motorists to keep their eyes on the road. The spoken alerts will play through your phone’s loud speaker or via your car entertainment system if you are paired via Bluetooth. You must have Bluetooth turned on for the spoken alerts to work.

You'll only receive spoken alerts that are relevant to your current direction of travel, but in some instances you may receive messages relating to delays on an intersecting road that may only be relevant if you're turning left or right.

We'll be developing the app over the next few months so stay tuned for new features such as:

  • rerouting options
  • alerts on approach to worksites
  • reduced speed limits on strip shopping areas or school zones
  • road safety reminders in cycling or high pedestrian zones
  • alerts about changes to lane markings near road works

We're also looking at the feedback you give through the app, to see how we can tailor it to your needs.

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