Darebin Yarra Trail link

We're constructing a shared path link from Sparks Reserve, Ivanhoe to Main Yarra Trail, Kew East. When opened, it will provide a much needed Yarra River crossing and an important link in the Principal Bicycle Network.

Project Update - November 2017

Construction of the first section of the trail from Sparks Reserve to Napier Waller Reserve was completed in September 2016. Since then we have been working on the construction of the second section of the trail from the Napier Waller Reserve to the Main Yarra trail. Works completed include: 

  • Three bridges over Darebin  Creek (notes 1,2 and 3 on the trail map)
  • A cantilevered bridge behind the Latrobe Golf Course Maintenance Building (note 4 on the trail map)
  • A four metre wide bridge over the Yarra River (note 5 on the trail map)
  • Installation of boom gates and warning lights in the first section of the trail as part of the automated flood response system.

We expect to open the trail to the public early in 2018. 

We are currently investigating a new connection off Farm Road (approximately mid-way along the trail) to connect cyclists and walkers from Alphington to the 600 kilometres of off-road trails. We will be engaging with the community in the next few months about options for the Farm Road link. Please refer to the media release ‘Connecting Alphington to the Darebin Trail’. 

Project background 

This $18 million state funded project will provide the 1.8 kilometre missing link of the Darebin Trail from Sparks Reserve in Ivanhoe to the Main Yarra Trail in Kew East.  Once this section is complete it will provide access to over 600 km of off-road trails by providing the last link needed to connect: the Main Yarra Trail, the Anniversary Trail, Capital City Trail, Koonung Trail, Gardiners Creek Trail, Merri Creek Trail, Plenty River Trail and the Diamond Creek Trail.

About the project

The trail features:

  • a three metre wide concrete trail
  • three bridges over the Darebin Creek (notes 1, 2 and 3 on trail map)
  • a cantilevered structure behind the Latrobe Golf Course Maintenance Building (note 4 on trail map)
  • a four metre wide bridge over the Yarra River (note 5 on trail map)
  • security fencing alongside the trail through Alphington Grammar School and Latrobe Golf Course with access to the trail available at Sparks Reserve in Ivanhoe and Willsmere Park in Kew East.

It has been a major challenge to design the trail and bridges to withstand flooding. An automated flood response system will help everyone  to get off  the trail if a flood occurs. 

Trail Map

This map shows the length of the Darebin Yarra Trail link and how it will connect the existing Darebin Creek Trail with the Main Yarra Trail.

A map of the Dareben Yarra trail link construction project, showing where the path and bridges are going to be placed


  • The completion of the trail will close the gap in Melbourne’s Principal Bicycle network connecting almost 600km of cycling and pedestrian paths across Melbourne’s north and east and completing the missing link between two of the most popular cycling trails in Melbourne.
  • The trail will encourage active modes of transport and lessen the impact of motor vehicles on the environment as well as improving access to local schools, the city and other centres such as the Latrobe Employment cluster.
  • Encourages people to incorporate exercise into commuting. Incidental exercise is highly effective as a means to increase daily physical activity, which can in turn help people to maintain better health.
  • Improves pedestrian and cyclist safety by providing an alternative off-road route.

Community involvement

The trail is located within the municipalities of Banyule, Yarra and Boroondara and is being built through private and public land including Sparks Reserve, Alphington Grammar School, Napier Waller Reserve, Latrobe Golf Course and Willsmere Park. 

We have worked and will continue to work closely with stakeholders to ensure the design of the trail is sensitive to the surrounding environment and meets all appropriate standards and guidelines. We've been working with officers from Melbourne Water and the three municipalities through a project working group. We've also been meeting with a stakeholder reference group including members of the cycling and walking community to provide feedback on the design of the trail.

What happens next?

Over the next few months, we will be completing the trail through the golf course and Willsmere Park, prior to moving onto fencing, restoration of land and landscaping. We are also completing the finishing touches on the wire bridge over the Yarra River in Willsmere Park. 

Planning works and geotechnical investigations are being undertaken to identify options for the Farm Road link to the trail. We will be engaging extensively with the local community and stakeholders in the coming months about options for the new Farm Road link. Please email [email protected] if you would like to receive updates about the project.    

Contact us

To find out more about the project please contact us. 

Email:  [email protected]
Write:  Darebin Yarra Trail Link, VicRoads, 12 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East 3151

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