Donna Buang Road speed limit change

We’ve introduced a safer speed limit of 80km/h on Donna Buang Road, Warburton.

Project update

To make the Donna Buang Road safer for all road users, we’ve introduced a new 80km/h speed limit. 

The following changes have been made:

  • The existing 100km/h speed limit on Donna Buang Road has been reduced to 80km/h between Rocky Creek and Donna Buang Summit Road; a distance of approximately 13.8 kilometres.
  • New speed limit signs have been installed, existing speed limit signs have been updated to 80km/h and yellow ‘New limit’ signs have been added to increase driver awareness of the new speed limit.

This speed change responds to community concerns about safety on Donna Buang Road due to the windy alignment, narrow road lengths and close proximity of roadside vegetation.

We all have a responsibility when driving to travel at the appropriate speed for the environment and situation, and within the indicated speed limit. Please maintain awareness of speed limit signs when travelling through the area.

Donna Buang Road Speed limit change
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Project background

We’re implementing safer speed limits on some of Victoria’s low volume high speed roads to better suit the road design and environment.

Donna Buang Road is a popular route, traversing through the Yarra Ranges National Park between Mount Toolebewong and Warburton. It is often frequented by cyclists and visitors - providing access to a number of tourism spots including the Mount Donna Buang observation tower and the Rainforest Gallery.

From January 2014 to December 2018, there were 11 crashes along this road, five of which resulted in serious injuries. 

As humans we all make mistakes, and roads should be designed to be a more forgiving environment, so when a mistake happens, it doesn’t cost a life or cause a severe injury. When travelling at 100km/h, your chance of survival in a head on crash is only 10 per cent. When travelling at 80km/h, your chance of surviving this crash is 75 per cent. 

By making sure the speed limit is right for the road, we can help prevent crashes from happening, and at the very least reduce their severity when they’re unavoidable. 

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