Duncans Road & Princes Freeway interchange in Werribee & Werribee South

The Duncans Road Interchange carries over 11,000 vehicles per day. It provides access to the fast growing Wyndham Vale residential area, Werribee Town Centre and Tourism Precinct, Wyndham Harbour, and agricultural properties along Duncans Road.

Currently the access ramps to the Princes Freeway at Duncans Road only service two approaches; there is no outbound freeway exit and no inbound freeway entrance.

Map of Duncans Road and Princes Freeway interchange

Project details

The project will include:

  • Rebuilding the bridge over Princes Freeway with an improved bridge that will include turning lanes for the new entry ramps, as well as a shared use path on both sides
  • Adding two new ramps to the Princes Freeway at Duncans Road (an entrance for inbound traffic, and an exit for outbound traffic)
  • Building a new roundabout at the intersection of K Road/Duncans Road/new freeway ramps


This upgrade will provide better access to and from Werribee and alleviate pressure at the nearby Cottrell Street level crossing.

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The interactive map is now closed for comment as of midnight Sunday 19 March 2017. You can still visit the map to view the designs and comments at engageVicRoads. We are currently reviewing the feedback which will be considered in the design development. We will provide an overview of what we have heard and updates to the design in the coming months.

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