Dynon Road cyclist improvement project

We’re improving cyclist safety on Dynon Road in Footscray as part of Towards Zero. The Victorian Government is investing $1.4 billion into Towards Zero, a plan to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria's roads.

Of this investment, $100 million has been allocated to making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

What is being done to protect cyclists?

Cycling corridors provide safer, more direct journeys into the city and across Victoria for people who already cycle. It also helps present cycling as a viable mode of transport for both recreational and commuter cyclists.

The proposed improvements to Dynon Road between Maribyrnong Street, Footscray and Dock Link Road, West Melbourne include:

  • A new dedicated two-way bike lane along the inbound side of Dynon Road, between Maribyrnong Street and Kensington Road 
  • New shared path along the inbound side of Dynon Road, between Kensington Road and Dock Link Road – connecting to the existing shared path to North Melbourne
  • New pedestrian operated signal at Maribyrnong Street
  • Raised crossing points at local road intersections, making it safer and easier for pedestrians and cyclists to travel along Dynon Road
  • Safety treatments such as new line marking and signage
  • Extended kerb sides at intersections along the corridor to slow traffic and reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and cyclists.

Aerial picture of the Dynon Road bicycle path

View a larger version of the aerial view of the Dynon Road cyclist path

Image of a cyclist riding on the Dynon Road bike path with pedestrians and vehicle son either side.

View a larger version of the ground view of the Dynon Road cyclist path 

Project timings

Construction is expected to kick off on 26 March 2019. We expect to be completed, and have the new dedicated bike paths open and ready for use by Spring 2019. 

What are the impacts?

While we improve Dynon Road for cyclists you will see:

  • one lane closed on Dynon Road travelling inbound, to construct the new bike paths
  • limited access for cyclists and pedestrians to the existing roads and paths in the area
  • some noise and dust from drilling 
  • reduced speed during works
  • delays to traffic flow in the area

Access to homes and businesses in the area won’t be affected during these works, but we’ll have traffic controllers on site to assist if properties are restricted for any reason.

There’ll be major delays on Dynon Road while we complete these works. Plan ahead and look out for any signage for changed driving conditions when travelling through the area.

Helping your journey

When completed, the Dynon Road cyclist improvements will mean safer journeys for cyclists and pedestrians travelling from Footscray to the CBD. 

Separate, dedicated bike lanes and shared user paths will also help free up the road network for vehicles travelling through this area. While these works will reduce Dynon Road to one lane travelling inbound, both lanes will be fully restored once construction is complete.

Why are we doing this?

Cyclists are some of our most vulnerable road users. If a cyclist is involved in a crash with a vehicle, they’re at a higher risk of being severely injured or killed due to a lack of physical protection.

Cycling is growing in popularity, and is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport that reduces traffic congestion and the need for on-road parking space.

According to the Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28, four in 10 Victorians say they would be encouraged to cycle, or cycle more often if we had a better-connected network and more inclusive cycling culture.

By 2050, Melbourne’s transport network will need to cater for 10.4 million more trips a day, with cycling facilities that can accommodate 1,960 more people per hour than trams.

The Victorian Government has allocated $100 million to making roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians, as part of Towards Zero, and some of these improvements will be on Dynon Road. 

Project background

Dynon Road is one of the major roads connecting the western suburbs to the CBD. Located in Footscray, it’s a busy route for all kinds of road users including city commuters, cyclists and freight.

This section of Dynon Road is two lanes each way, with cyclists often sharing the road with other vehicles. The lanes on this stretch of road are quite wide, however sharing the road with cars, trucks and other vehicles is still unsafe for cyclists and can add to congestion on this busy road.

There are already shared use paths on either side of the project area, making this section of Dynon Road a missing link for cyclists and pedestrians. These works will better connect cyclists and pedestrians to where they need to be, and free up the network for road users.

Image of map showing Dynon Road Cycling Corridor between Highett Street and Maribyrnong Road

View a larger version of the Dynon Road Cycling Corridor map

Get in touch

To find out more this project, get in touch. 

Email:  [email protected]

For more information on how we’re working Towards Zero, you can visit the Safer Roads portal.


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