Forest Drive and Nepean Highway Intersection Upgrade

To improve safety and access for all road users, we’re planning to install new traffic lights at the Forest Drive and Nepean Highway intersection in Mount Martha.

Project update – January 2024

Following the Australian Government’s Independent Strategic Review of the Infrastructure Investment Program, we are now recommencing our work on this project.  

The Department of Transport and Planning is now proceeding with the necessary procurement and permits to allow us to begin delivery of this project in 2024. 

We will be back in touch with community in early 2024 with further information regarding timelines and construction impacts.

Traffic light and roundabout comparison at this intersection


As part of this project to provide safer access for road users, we investigated a number of improvement options, including traffic lights and roundabouts.

We evaluated these options using a multi-criteria analysis, considering factors such as safety, congestion, environmental impact, the terrain, feedback from council and future growth in the area.

Based on the findings from technical investigations, the multi-criteria analysis and feedback from key stakeholders, we’re planning to install new traffic lights at the Forest Drive and Nepean Highway intersection.

Construction works are expected to commence in 2023. We’ll provide further information about construction dates and impacts before works start.

What we’re planning to do 

In addition to new traffic lights, the features of this upgrade include:

  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing to help pedestrians safely cross Nepean Highway, and new concrete footpaths connecting the intersection to the bus stops.
  • Widening the intersection with extra lanes to improve traffic flow and improve access for large vehicles.
  • New continuous bicycle lanes on Nepean Highway, to improve safety and the riding experience for cyclists.
  • New asphalt at the bus bays and vehicle pull over areas, providing an improved road surface for drivers to pick up and drop off passengers.
  • New advanced warning signs on the approach to the intersection, to increase awareness of the upcoming traffic lights.
  • Realigning the driveway opposite to Forest Drive to improve safety at the intersection, with new access provided via Range Road.

Overarching map

Image of overarching intersection map of the Nepean Highway and Forest Drive intersection upgrade 

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Detailed intersection map

Image of detailed intersection map of the Nepean Highway and Forest Drive intersection upgrade 

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This intersection upgrade will:

  • provide safer and easier access for drivers travelling to and from Forest Drive. 
  • improve safety for vulnerable road users including cyclists and pedestrians.
  • improve traffic flow; the new traffic lights will be linked with traffic lights at nearby intersections to optimise efficiency.
  • help meet the demands of population and economic growth in the area.

Project background

Nepean Highway is a busy arterial road, located close to the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay. Approximately 18,000 vehicles travel along this highway in Mount Martha every day.

Forest Drive is one of the key intersections along the Nepean Highway providing access into Mount Martha.

This intersection is located at the top of a hill and creates limited visibility for drivers on Forest Drive to see vehicles driving uphill towards the intersection from both sides of Nepean Highway.

Limited visibility and the constant flow of traffic are both contributing factors to why drivers experience difficulties in finding safe gaps to enter into or exit from Forest Drive onto the Nepean Highway.

In the 10 years leading up to March 2020, there has been 6 reported crashes at the Nepean Highway and Forest Drive intersection. Tragically, one person lost their life in these crashes and three people were seriously injured.

This $10 million upgrade has been funded by the Australian Government under the Infrastructure Investment Program.

Contact us

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback about the design, please contact us. 

Email:  [email protected]

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