Frankston-Flinders Road maintenance works

We’ve improved the road surface on Frankston-Flinders Road in Somerville, Baxter and Hastings.

Project update

Significant road rehabilitation works have been completed on Frankston-Flinders Road - providing drivers with a smoother, safer and stronger road.

This work involved removing and replacing the structural layers of the road with new asphalt. 

We worked at three sections along Frankston Flinders Road, in Somerville, Baxter and Hastings. 

  • Somerville: Frankston – Flinders Road between Parks Lane and O’Neills Road, and around the Bungower Road roundabout.
  • Baxter: Frankston – Flinders Road between Peninsula Link and Coolart Road
  • Hastings: Frankston – Flinders Road between Cool Store Road and Pound Road, and around the High Street roundabout.

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