Gaffney Street & Sussex Street intersection upgrade

To improve safety and traffic flow in North Coburg, the Victorian Government is investing $11.9 million to upgrade the intersection of Gaffney Street and Sussex Street.

We’re replacing the existing roundabout and installing new traffic lights to make it safer and an easier to travel through the intersection. We are also installing pedestrian crossings at the traffic lights, improving safety for people crossing this busy intersection.

The intersection upgrade will deliver safety improvements for the local and wider community-whether driving, riding a bike, walking through, or visiting the local shops. 

October Update – Intersection Closure

The Gaffney and Sussex Street intersection has reopened following the completion of stage one construction works.

  • During stage one works, we completed:
    • significant underground works and cabling
    • the foundation for the new pavement
    • constructed new footpaths and kerbing
    • some traffic signal pedestals 
    • installed a temporary roundabout 

Bus services 534 and 561 have resumed their regular routes

Stage two works are scheduled to commence in November 2021 and are expected to be completed by mid-2022.

  • During stage two work, we will:
    • Install the remaining traffic signals
    • Finish kerbing and road resurfacing
    • Relocate power poles
    • Connect new street lighting, traffic signals and permanent line-marking
    • Build new bus stops, to be located near the existing bus stops on Gaffney Street
    • Remove some trees 

Project details

As part of this important project, we will:

  • Remove the existing roundabout 
  • Install new traffic signals at all approaches 
  • Install new pedestrian crossings at the traffic lights
  • Remove the existing pedestrian crossing on Gaffney Street  
  • Install new bike lanes and head start bicycle boxes at the intersection
  • Build new bus stops to be located near the existing bus stops on Gaffney Street 
  • Build a smoother more durable road surface
  • Upgrade street lighting at the intersection
  • Install new kerbs and drainage at the intersection 

Our August information update incorrectly stated that the Sussex Street pedestrian crossing was being removed as part of this project. The pedestrian crossing on Sussex Street will not be removed but rather coordinated with the new traffic lights to optimise traffic flow and safety. We will be removing the Gaffney Street pedestrian crossing as part of this upgrade. 

View the designs

You can see the improved intersection by clicking on these “before and after” images.


Gaffney and Sussex Street intersection

View a larger version of the intersection


Gaffney and Sussex Street intersection

View a larger version of the intersection

Select the button below to the interactive sliders, which will allow you to see an interactive transformation of the intersection.

View the transformation of the intersection (External link)

Why are you undertaking this project? 

DoT analysis has determined that the layout of the existing roundabout has reached its capacity, resulting in lengthy queues in peak periods.  Currently, the intersection has poor horizontal alignment, increasing the difficulty for vehicles entering the roundabout to pick gaps in traffic.

The Gaffney Sussex Street intersection has a poor safety history with 6 casualty crashes resulting in 2 serious injuries in the 5-year period ending 30 June 2017.
The ability to cross the intersection for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians is poor.

The demands generated by a growing community have exceed the infrastructure, requiring an upgrade which will address current and future demands.

Will the works be loud or dusty?

There will be periods during these works when the activities on site will be both loud and dusty – as we must complete trenching and excavation activities. Our very best efforts will be made to minimise the impacts of these works on nearby residents and businesses. 

When the initial works are completed and the intersection is reopened, the impacts of noise and dust will be reduced significantly.

Who can I contact if I am impacted by noise or other construction issues?

In the first instance, you can contact our contractor Healey Infrastructure’s Site Supervisor, between 8am and 6pm on 0433 249 420  to discuss your concerns. If the issue is unable to be resolved, you will be contacted by a member of the DoT project team to discuss the issue and we will work with you towards a resolution. 

Will you be cutting any services during the works?

There are no scheduled outages for power, water or NBN during stage one works. Extensive effort has gone into relocating such services in the lead up to major construction. 

There will be a temporary disruption to the gas services when Downer undertake their relocation works. They will notify affected residents and businesses in advance for them doing the works

What impacts will the detour have on local traffic? 

We will have significant traffic management in place for the four weeks of the intersection closure and expect that most traffic will use the signed detour. There may be an increase in traffic on local streets during the closure by traffic that misses the detour. We appreciate your patience and will reopen the intersection as soon as we can. 

What impacts will these works have on businesses and the Coburg North Village?

Access to all local businesses will be fully maintained during the closure, as will access to numerous local traders located within the Coburg North Village, including the Coles Supermarket. 

We will use social media and Variable Message Signs to ensure that the public are aware that these businesses are open and that ongoing support of these traders during construction will be greatly appreciated. 

What will happen when the intersection reopens?

If we complete works before the four week closure period, we will reopen the intersection as soon as possible, using a temporary roundabout. When the intersection is reopened, we will continue with minor works on the upgrade, with traffic management in place, but the intersection will be open to all traffic and buses. 

Notifications via social media and via our electronic mailing list will advise of an early reopening.

Work will ramp up again in late 2021, when we undertake Stage Two of the project, including the installation of traffic signals and lighting. We will provide further notifications and information regarding these works in October.

The project has taken a long time to complete, why is this the case?

The intersection is complex with a mix of residential, business and park land located withing a very compact project space. We’ve been busy preparing the intersection for construction with extensive works happening to relocate underground services and seeking the statutory approvals to acquire small pockets of land.  

Will any trees be removed as part of the project?

The designs for this project have tried to eliminate the need for tree removal, however to ensure the ultimate safety of the new intersection, five nature strip trees will need to be removed in the vicinity of the works.

VicRoads is working with Moreland City Council to ensure that the trees that are removed are replaced with trees planted in the area near to where the trees have been removed.

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If you’d like further information on the project you can email us at [email protected] or call our customer service team on 13 11 70.

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Project Timeline
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
Project funded Complete Complete
Planning Scheme Amendment Complete
Early construction works Complete Complete
Land acquisition In progress  Current 
Stage One major construction  9 September 2021 Complete
Stage One major construction completed  Mid October 2021  Upcoming 
Stage Two Construction Starts Late 2021  Upcoming 
Project Complete  Mid 2022  Upcoming 

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